Annick Goutal – Eau d’Hadrien, Eau Du Sud

Bitter grapefruit, fresh lemons and aldehydes open the fresh Eau d’Hadrien. The aldehydes add that usual sparkling quality – throwing the citrus off the skin in a bucket of freshness. Not too green, but full of rich citric juices, Eau d’Hadrien’s bitter edge and the sourness of the lemons are classically presented in a tradition eau de cologne style – only it packs a little more punch.

The fragrance is relatively linear, with a lovely cypress – ever so slightly medicinal, green and “sappy”. It pulls the astringent quality of the fleeting grapefruit into the heart so that the lemon doesn’t sit on its own.

A little soapy – a little bit like bathroom cleaner (due to obvious associations), but charming and simplistic none the less.
Some patchouli joins in during the late drydown – not so rich and earthy as I’d hoped but instead clean and scrubbed, paired with the citrus notes it reminds me of the patchouli used in CB’s Patchouli Empire – I didn’t like that…

Within half an hour all the citrus has vanished, what is left is an ever-so-slightly musky, soapy patchouli, with a delicate metallic edge. It’s a skin scent, and a slight off one at that.

What more is there to say – it’s a nice-ish example of a cologne.

A cool, herbal breeze wafts up from Eau Du Sud. The subtly camphorous vapour of fresh-cut mint leaves, gives way to a beautiful note of basil and citrus. Sour lemon rind, with hints of green, paired with the menthol and basil gives of a wonderfully traditional vibe and the green herbals add an edge that’s a little more interesting than Eau d’Hadrien.

All harsh edges smooth out very quickly, and Eau Du Sud becomes a little more “standard”. Still, even though the mint burns off relatively quickly, it’s cool effect is left on the skin – bringing to mind salty sea air.
The citrus also tames quickly as, what I think is, a smidge of oakmoss comes forward. The herbals also retreat relatively quickly – but thankfully pull the opening away from cleaning product territory and therefore it stays that way.

The drydown as with Eau d’Hadrien comes around quickly, with the citrus gradually vanishing along with the fresh herbal notes. A very quiet, sherbert-y floral becomes present, I mistook it for violet at first but it turns out jasmine is listed? I don’t quite get that but hey. I know this is not what you’re supposed to do, but on my second wearing of this, I rubbed the fragrance between my wrists hard about 20 minutes into the fragrance, and this sherberty-floral is far more present, it evaporates instantly but is the quick glimpse is the most interest part of Eau Du Sud – it’s a shame they didn’t amplify this hidden sour/fizzy/floral quality.

This EDT doesn’t last too long, but it is nice enough whilst it lasts – the most interesting of the two fragrances :)

Eau D’Hadrien 100ml EDT Annick Goutal – £72 House Of Fraser
Eau Du Sud 100ml EDT Annick Goutal – £72 House Of Fraser

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13 thoughts on “Annick Goutal – Eau d’Hadrien, Eau Du Sud

  1. Hmmmm, not sure how I am feeling about these two from your descriptions. I haven’t found a mint sent yet that is truly satisfying and Eau d’Hadrian starts off sounding interesting, but then kind of blase’.

    • They’re both kind of blase in the end. For mint if you haven’t already – the best is Dirty by Lush, closely followed by Menthe Fraiche, and maybe Herba Fresca :) But yes, Dirty all the way.

  2. laniersmith says:

    Eau d’Hadrien is on my list of “I must try that one”. Thanks for your impressions on this The Eau Du Sud sounds a a lot more interesting so it is on my must try list now too.

  3. Undina says:

    I agree with your take on Eau d’Hadrien. I think it’s “nice-ish” :) and I might use some from my mini bottle that I got with purchase for free but I wouldn’t have bought it on its merit.
    Haven’t tried Eau Du Sud – none of the stores around carry AG’s full line and I’m not prepared to pay for sampling this one. But since I like AG whenever I get a chance I’ll try all their perfumes I haven’t previously tried.

    • lucasai says:

      I’ve got a sample of Eau du Sud sent from Annick Goutal London boutique. A friend there paid them a special visit to grab it for me.
      It shares this citrusy style of Eau d’Hadrien, but Eau du Sud is more reserved and less vibrant.

    • Definitely, they do have some gems amongst the line – but this isn’t worth paying for a sample :’) a little more interesting than Hadrien though IMO.

  4. lucasai says:

    Eau d’Hadrien lover here! I was planning to purchase a bottle before this year’s spring but I was distracted by my 1st degree project at university and I passed this time. Luckily someone who doesn’t like it offered to send me half-full bottle of it as a gift.

  5. Morrissey702 says:

    I have really been enjoying your reviews since discovering your blog via YouTube, you’ve definitely helped me with those “ON THE FENCE” fragrance purchases… I also enjoy your tastes in the more under the radar houses which I would have never experienced ie. gorilla dirty… As for eau d’hadrien, for the climate I live in ,(las Vegas, we hit 117 degrees Fahrenheit yesterday) it is a nice refreshing citrus fragrance and that’s about it. I find it sometimes difficult finding summery fragrances that last longer than an hour, my skin seems to drink most citrus fragrances. Also being that my tastes tend to gravitate to the darker and heavier fragrances which aren’t practical in the summers here. I just ordered un matin d’orage based on your review and let you know what I think. If you have any must have recommendations for a desert climate that are a bit different, would appreciate greatly.. Thank again for all the great reviews……..

    • Oh that’s scary knowing you ordered that :P I hope you love it! Please get back and let me know. It’s a perfect hot weather fragrance for me because it always smells “damp”? Does that make sense. It’s so refreshing, and I love the ozonic fig thing going on in it with the disguised florals – fantastic summer scent.
      Thanks for reading (and watching) the blog it means a lot to me – thrilled your enjoying what I’m trying to do here!
      Yep my range is more varied than people expect – and Dirty is a great perfume ;)
      Hope to hear from you again

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