Love – By Kilian

Love opens with sweet rich candies. A hugely synthetic but glorious orange sherbert accord – pounded off the skin by flourescent aldehydes. A sweet honey, sticky bubblegum-like jasmine, bright red berries – it’s a full-blown fruity floral – exaggerated so much it’s impossible not to swoon over.

The complicated sugar rich opening falls into the “pink bubblegum” category, and this Bazooka Joe style chewy goodness stays true throughout the heart. The florals get more intense, with the jasmine now becoming the leading player with some honey drizzled orange blossom. A dense, clean rose bouquet keeps it all solid and a little “perfumey”, just to keep Love teetering on the edge of maturity. A rich iris is subtle, but definitely there – providing more of a powdery texture and adding an ever so slightly savoury-floral edge.

Once the screechy aldehydes (not the soapy kind) have burnt off, the sugar turns from dense bubblegum into soft, chewy cotton candy. It’s bright, fluffy, and yes – pink. As if it needed sweetening more, some rich vanilla comes in (which thankfully I get along with after recently had a reallllly hard time with vanilla) – and a bunch of white musk to throw it off the skin a little more. It’s a huge perfume – loud, grotesquely flirtacious, but completely harmless.

Love remains pretty linear, it’s a fluffy marshmallow full of sugar, caramel, vanilla, the fruity twang of berries and a hugely playful floral bouquet in the middle. Sure – we have seen this kind of thing before – but here it is blown to gigantic proportions, and executed fantastically!
The drydown on the skin is long, sweet (if I need to say that any more), and true to the opening. The rose becomes the lead and it reminds me (the tiniest bit) of the sugar-coated rose petals of Parfumerie Generale’s gorgeous Brulure de Rose, with some pollen rich orange blossom on the side. It starts with a crisp, cavity inducing crack and breaks into bouncy, creamy yumminess – like a creme brulee!
A perfect example of the fruity/floral/gourmand genre – I love Love :D

Love 50ml EDP By Kilian – $235 Luckyscent

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6 thoughts on “Love – By Kilian

  1. I’m so glad you love this. I felt like I was going to get a cavity when I spritzed this on. I probably didn’t warm to this because I’m already way to sweet :)

  2. Undina says:

    I tested it just once and loved it… for the first hour or so. And then I was tired of the sweetness. I remember thinking that it was a beautiful and well-made perfume but I would have hard time wearing it.

    • Yep – it’s definitely the sweetest fragrance I’ve tried. I completely get how tiresome it could be – I found even though it became quiet up close after a couple of hours, it still had amazing throw – I kept smelling it – constantly. It would need washing off halfway through the day I think :)

  3. Flora says:

    I like it too – yes, it’s very sweet, but so well-composed of good materials that I don’t get tired of it. In other words it’s far superior to Pink Sugar!

    • Haha! Well, I have never tried Pink Sugar – but I can pretty much imagine what it smells like.
      It is sickly sweet, but sometimes that’s just the kind of playful fragrance I like to wear!
      Thank you for readinggg :)

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