Incense Extreme – Tauer

Incense Extreme opens with loud, peppery frankincense, that somehow feels beautifully translucent. Whether it is just the frankincense alone, or a crack of black pepper – the initial spice is very prominent, paired with a wonderful green herbal note of coriander (which is indiscernible close up, but heavenly clear from a distance).

The scent of the air around you (and the sillage coming from your skin) after spraying Incense Extreme is wonderful. It is sweet and herbal, with the coriander leading above the sheer incense – it smells almost floral, with a potent hit of anise. Whether it is a true anise note, or maybe fennel?, there is a clear, green, slightly vegetal aroma which is really nice.

The frankincense is the leading player, soon to be joined by a raw, dry cedar wood. The whole composition whilst being loud and notably “Tauer”, feels light and spacious on the skin, allowing each note to shine individually. This isn’t something that I’m used to as his creations tend to have a far greater density – but this more ethereal construction whilst retaining high volume is very impressive – and really lovely to wear.

A warm amber gets stronger and stronger as time goes on, up to a point where it joins hands with the incense and helps melt the fragrance into your skin. The fennel-type note that I got at the start is pulled throughout the entire fragrance for me, and the cedar wood’s sharp edges are completely smoothed out. With all these intense notes it sounds like Incense Extreme is a fragrance of jagged edges and intensity (similar to the opening of L’Air Du Desert Marocain with its infamous tar note), but it’s not at all, it’s extremely well-rounded and feels about as smooth as a frankincense (I’ll say it -) soliflore can be.

The drydown is relatively linear, getting lighter as time goes on but lives on the skin for hours as you’d expect. It’s a lovely fragrance that I don’t personally feel like I need to own (as I love this Tauer incense/amber blended with his gorgeous rose (Incense Rose) or that addictive campfire smoke (Lonestar Memories)) – but it is certainly a great introduction to the Tauer line – probably more so than L’Air Du Desert Marocain which everyone seems to discover first. I also prefer the density of the others in the Tauer line, having said that (and I had to make this cliche comparison), I’d prefer to wear this any day over the translucent incense that is Avignon. Whilst Incense Extreme and Avignon tell completely different stories and are pretty different presentations of incense, I find that IE holds it’s personality throughout it’s drydown, which is more than I can say for the short life of Avignon.

Anyway – all in all, a lovely fragrance, and something I’d recommend highly as a first step into the Tauer line.

Incense Extreme 50ml EDP Tauer – £92 Les Senteurs

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6 thoughts on “Incense Extreme – Tauer

  1. Undina says:

    This is one of a few Tauer’s perfumes that I haven’t tried yet but since Incense Rose doesn’t work for me at all (really like L’Air Du Desert Marocain and need to test again Lonestar Memories) I’m not sure Incense Extreme will work either but I will try it eventually – if nothing else, out of the respect to Andy Tauer’s work.

    • Yes this was one I never felt the need to try. I think if you enjoy LADDM – you’ll enjoy this, they are not exceptionally dissimilar, but this is more like a minimalistic version, dominated by the leading frankincense note rather than the spicy amber composition. You must test Lonestar Memories again though :)

  2. lucasai says:

    I’ve got a sample of Incense Extreme in my drawer! I got it from a friend and I completely forgot about it! Will have to get back to it soon. Thanks for reminding :)

  3. Alexander Gruschka says:

    Incense Extreme is very architectural. The olfactory equivalent to the Guggenheim in Bilbao.

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