Like This (Tilda Swinton) – Etat Libre D’Orange

A bright neroli and citrus fruits open Like This, with a delicate hand though, the subtlety is instantly noticeable. Before no time at all, the citrus fruits are mellowed as a “pumpkin flesh” accord fills up the top. I can’t quite say it smells exactly like pumpkin to me, but it brings to mind warm sweet vegetal substance, orange in hue just like intended – slightly buttery and dense, it could be pumpkin, it could be sweet potato, it could be butternut squash – whatever it is, it is lovely and comforting.

The sweet fleshy notes of pumpkin give off flashes of honey, and a little bit of ginger spice comes in. The ginger is thankfully nice and tame, it doesn’t hit the back of your throat but adds more auburn warmth to Like This. The sweet warmth carries on as immortelle joins quickly after. It adds a little spice (it’s famous curry note) but falls far more on the maple syrup side, with the ginger replacing it’s usual overpowering spiciness. The “pumpkin”, delicate ginger and sweet immortelle completely replace the citrus of the opening, and from here on are the main players in the heart of Like This. It’s cosy, warm, quiet and close to the skin. Sweet, but not too sweet, spicy, but not too spicy – it’s pretty much the “juuuuuust right” of the Bear’s porridge… of fragrance…

Like This is pretty much a whisper of sillage – which is actually very pretty. To everyone else, I think it would pretty much smell like a delicate sweet spice – gourmand, but not overtly foody. Some floral notes (rose) add a little “perfumey” quality to it, and a powdery heliotrope is only just present – amongst the dusty texture of the ginger, it’s almost unidentifiable.
In the base, clean musk comes in, which helps anchor it into your skin making Like This smell very human and to me, a little “furry”…
Apparently there is vetiver in here too but it’s very tame, just adding the slightest earthy edge (maybe dragging the pumpkin accord through the fragrance for a little longer).

Ok so that sounds like a pretty positive review, I didn’t quite mean it like that… Like This is a nice fragrance. I know it is considered an absolute masterpiece by many – I don’t quite get that… at all. It’s nice – but I wouldn’t choose to wear it. For me, it’s a very simplistic fragrance, nothing in it is a challenge, it’s very “pretty” and easy to like, and also very quiet and unobtrusive. All qualities which will appeal to many, just not myself. It is impressive that such challenging notes have been tamed to a point where they are so easily accessible – maybe that is part of the Like This appeal. Unfortunately it begins to smell very generic after an hour or so on my skin…

That’s pretty much my expression during the drydown.
Poor Tildzzzzz.
Anyway… Pleasant.

Like This 50ml Etat Libre D’Orange – £74 Les Senteurs

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4 thoughts on “Like This (Tilda Swinton) – Etat Libre D’Orange

  1. I have not heard great things about this, you have just confirmed my thoughts. Love the TS expression pic!

    • Really? I hear nothing but good things about this one. I tried it at the very start of my fragrant journey and didn’t think much of it then, someone gave me it in a sample grab bag recently so thought hopefully my mind will have changed but nooooo. :( :D

  2. Undina says:

    I remember thinking “it’s nice” when I tested it but it was almost a year ago and since then I didn’t feel like re-testing it. And I do not like Etat Libre d’Orange as a brand so I’ll probably skip it.

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