Un Crime Exotique – Parfumerie Generale

The start of Un Crime Exotique as with many of the best Parfumerie Generale fragrances, is a delicious gourmand explosion. Here, a huge spicy gingerbread leaps off the skin, reminiscent of both German christmas cakes, and cracking opening the heavy glass lid on a holiday candle. The opening is actually really similar to Hansel & Dreidel by Smell Bent – unfortunately I no longer have my bottle for a direct comparison, but the opening here is a little sweeter, but less edible (it avoids the strong honey note that Hansel & Dreidel pushes forward).

Up top to make up this gingerbread yumminess, is a sheen of spicy black clove, lots of cinnamon sprinkles, nutmeg, the scent of bitter stewed tea leaves adding some translucency, and of course some spicy ginger. Un Crime Exotique is a warm spice basket, less literal than Tauer’s brilliant Eau D’Epices, but more wearable and mouth-wateringly appealing.

The spices mellow a little later on, as a really rich vanilla warms up from the base. Although another sweet note, the vanilla doesn’t become sickly, and instead mellows out the spices onto a more controllable level. The vanilla acts similarly to its treatment in my new-found love – Musc Maori, where it brings a “warm milk” accord – turning Un Crime Exotique from intense Yankee candle to snug chai latte.
The unusual note of brown sugar, the clever lead in Pierre Guillaume’s Sucre d’Ebene, makes a little appearance – surprisingly powerful enough to maintain it’s presence amongst the remaining ginger and cinnamon.
The cloves soften relatively quickly, they blend into the other spices to create a balanced gingerbread accord rather than standing alone as in the opening.

The predictable honey inclusion which I didn’t detect in the opening begins to show up – with the same consistency and dosage as Hansel & Dreidel – the fragrances have a lot of similarities. The only main difference being where H&D takes a musky turn towards the end, here in Parfumerie Generale’s spicy offering, sandalwood provides a woody support – smeared with the vanilla and made lighter with the inclusion of tea – I prefer this.
In the late drydown, it is also reminiscent of L’Artisan Parfumeur’s Tea For Two – which was too intense on the smoke and cloves for me (I love me some smoke, but the clove inclusion proved too much). The vanillic sandalwood, with the bitter tea and spice has the same comfort factor and seasonal familiarity.

Un Crime Exotique is not something I would buy and wear, but I do enjoy to sniff it. It is extremely familiar and delightfully joyous – a perfect Christmas fragrance for sitting inside in the warmth when it’s cold out – I’d love to use this as a room/fabric spray more so than on my skin. Still, a lovely offering in the gourmand sector of Parfumerie Generale – a house who is constantly impressing me with the sheer diversity of a very talented perfumer, currently my favourite niche brand.

Un Crime Exotique 50ml Parfumerie Generale – £81.50 Les Senteurs

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15 thoughts on “Un Crime Exotique – Parfumerie Generale

  1. laniersmith says:

    Yes sounds yummy and maybe a perfect Christmas gift. Maybe with a gingerbread man tied to the box! Great review …really enjoyed it. Now I am hungry for something sweet.

  2. This does sound maybe a bit Yankee Candle? I still haven’t found that gourmand that I am in love with. Wait, let me restate… gourmand food, yes. My waistline would vouch for that. Gourmand fragrance… well, we still have a ways to go. Mature and yummy??? That sounds like me??!! :)

    • “Oh Steve you ole’ hoot!” ;) Hahah. Well – I can’t wait to hear all about your holiday and what you sniffed in that little boutique – I hope you had a good sniff of the PG line. What sort of things do you think you’d like in your perfect gourmand?
      Back to Un Crime Exotique – it is pushing the scented candle thing a little too much for me :( I try to turn it back to cake and I like it more, still, not for me. Musc Maori is still my dream gourmand at the minute.

      • I have no idea what I would like in my perfect gourmand. I’ll know when I find it and it will probably turn out to be something like marshmallow or cotton candy! BTW, I love the name Un Crime Exotique!

      • I like a lot of the PG names, it is a good’un!

        I bet it’ll be Britney’s Fantasy ;)

      • Please, Britney is so 2007.

      • Lol!!!
        I wish she released one when she went crazy, I think it would be sweet and boozy with an essence of “scalp”.
        Now hurry up and post your post, I wanna find out what you bought!

      • You will have to wait until tomorrow. I am being cray Britney right now. Cooking on the grill while cocktailing. It’s a lethal combination which is libel to make the gas grill explode which would lend itself to making me have less hair on my head than I currently have! xoxoxxox

      • :’) It sounds fun.
        Your being Britney now? I thought she was 2007 – to be honest, I’m here in the UK living my Wednesday when you’re still on you’re Tuesday so I guess it’s understandable if you’re a bit behind.
        Anyway, I shall wait until tomorrow (today), and leave you too cook and drink.
        Have a good night Steve

  3. Undina says:

    Un Crime Exotique is one of a few Parfumerie Generale’s perfumes that I’ve tried so far and my resolution was close to yours: while I thought it was an interesting scent (and wanted to test it in parallel with Tauer’s Eau d’Epices and Malle’s Noir Epices) I didn’t think I’d want to wear it as a perfume. It was too spicy for my liking.

    Tea for Two, on the other hand, I really enjoy wearing.

    • I’d really like to enjoy Tea For Two, I will test it again sometime.
      I recently tried Noir Epices on a tester strip and was really impressed, it was completely different to what I expected.
      Eau D’Epices is one of the few Tauer’s I don’t think I would want to wear, but it is an overwhelming intense, complicated composition and the cardamom note is outstanding :)
      But yes, here UCE is a little too spicy and foody, but a great room scent.

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