Mito EDP – Vero Profumo

So I received a wonderful surprise package from the generous people at Campomarzio70.
Inside? A sample of the much-anticipated new 2012 release from Vero Profumo – Mito.

I probably should live with this for a while longer, but I just can’t wait, I have to write about it! :)

Fabulous illustration by Sofo Berdzenishvili!

Mito opens with a wonderful bitter greenery in the style of Papyrus De Ciane by Parfumerie Generale, only this is much more dispersed and wearable. Before you know it, the bitter reeds and galbanum tumble into an intense citrus accord that literally erupts out of nowhere.

The lemon is so intense it reminds me of some of the O’Driu herbal openings, only yet again – more wearable, and much more appetizing. It has the sharp yet syrupy intensity of a lemon sherbert candy and the delicious but unedible accord penetrates the opening of Mito for some time.
A sweetness underneath gives us a wink to the floral accord that is to come – the rugged greenery retreats into the background, adding a brilliant bitter edge that literally cuts through the flourescent citrus.

The great thing about the opening is that it is a full, glossy citrus with absolutely no aquatic notes in sight. Instead it is enriched with tart, syrupy goodness before a quick, sly flare of magnolia’s blossom before your nose. The magnolia accord is slick, and creeps in underneath the already present citrus, it’s presence only detectable from a fantastic “waxy” texture and the slightest smear of vanilla. The delicate vanilla was detectable from the start but I mistook it not for a hiding base note. The magnolias add a further density to the lemon drops, whose greenery verges on a true to life lemongrass.

The lemongrass/vanilla combo reminds me of Leva by O’Driu – only Leva’s intense green olive note and oily texture makes herself and Mito almost polar opposites. The vanillic accords in here which seem to come only from the white floral bouquet, are considerably less sweet and firm than the almost congealed drydown of Leva – whilst I love that vanilla, this is far more obedient but more fun to wear.

Anyway, I keep going on about this vanilla as though it’s a main player – it’s not. The citrus harmony mellows, with the slightly fruity, slightly creamy, slightly green mangolia’s blooming underneath – a green jasmine creeps in without notice as well, imparting a subtle but present richness to round out the tangy lemon sherberts. I at times feel like I can detect a slightly powdery orris root which I absolutely love, but it may be a combination of other things. There definitely is the occasional subdued waft of vegetal powder that creates a wonderful matted texture over the fragrance.

The slow drydown (which is so seamless from the heart that you don’t realise Mito is submerging to the green core), becomes smooth, rich with a creamy texture from the volumptuous florals and soft furry moss. The moss in the base I guess makes Mito a chypre, but not as overtly obvious as Rubj. Here the base is soft, furry, almost human in its natural fluffy texture. It isn’t as bitter and prominent as the green edge in Rubj – the green facets of citrus and the white florals help smooth out the earthy base and create an effortless blend from start to finish. Mito is delicate and sleek with no knots in its transition, the knots that make some of Vero’s older compositions sometimes challenging.

The unfortunate thing for me in Mito is the lack of passion fruit – the confronting Vero signature that creates a translucent attack across the outer edges of all the other Vero EDP’s, if it is in Mito – it is extremely subdued to a point where I can’t detect it. I would love to smell that terrifyingly unique signature splattered across the citrus florals of Mito, but unfortunately – I do miss it.

However, Mito is a wonderful citrus (coming from a non citrus-soliflore lover), with the white florals creating something that is a perfect summer release, and a completely new addition to her line up. Not as challenging and complicated as Onda and Rubj, but more a partner to Kiki in the easily loveable and wearable side of the Vero house – no less beautiful.
These are initial impressions so I’ll be sure to update on further wearings :)

Vero Profumo Mito 50ml EDP – Released September 2012!!

Image copyright of Diego Comi Ph. Artwork by  Sofo Berdzenishvili.

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10 thoughts on “Mito EDP – Vero Profumo

  1. You can’t hide your love can you??! :) I haven’t tried any of the Vero Profumo yet, but you are convincing me that I need check them out. And citrus floral sounds interesting… and I do love the chypres! However, this sounds really feminine… is it?

    • Nope!! Hahaha.
      Not feminine at all no. Magnolia pretty much smells like lemony waxy vanilla. So it’s just like a continuation of the citrus. It is basically a green citrus – but done with fantastic ingredients, subtle changes, and extremely comfortable.
      The line is wonderful. Such variety in a small line up – both Onda’s are extremely challenging, Rubj is a wonderful rich white floral chypre (feminine yes, but the intense greenery makes it easy to pull off as a man), Kiki is a safe but gorgeous lavender, and then there’s this. Also in most of the scents, the EDPs are very different to the Extraits.
      Anyway rambling…. :)

  2. Freddie – thanks so much for your review! I very much enjoyed reading it. This is pussinboots from Basenotes – you rec’d this to me on the “help me find a Southern white floral” thread. I love the idea of lemon/citrus + magnolia/white flowers + some fuzzy green – particularly if there’s a little rooty oris hiding in there :) I will definitely have to try this when it is more widely available.

    So far, the only VP I have sampled is the EDP of Rubj. Holy cow – I don’t know what I was expecting – but Rubj was a total cumin dance party on me – it screamed “I just ate curry and went out to the club and got all sweaty! Love me anyway!” It was so funny and intense it made me laugh, but I can’t imagine WEARING the stuff. Maybe I’m just a big baby.

    Thanks again for the rec, and good luck with the blog.

    • I’m glad you came to read it :D
      Yep, it’s really a great new release. Please do sample it when you can! The extrait I’m sure will be released too and I imagine that to be even more spectacular.
      I love how so many get cumin overload in Rubj, I’ll have to try it again as my review doesn’t contain the word cumin once :’) I love cumin in fragrances though, McQueens Kingdom was my signature for at least a year. Cumin doesn’t go curry on me though, I leave that to Immortelle :P Chypre Rouge being my immortelle heaven. Unlike Fareb by Huitieme Art which smelt like I’d be sitting in a curry house all night – horrendous.
      For me Rubj was just gorgeous white florals and greenery – It’s fantastic.
      But yes, please stop by again!! And I’m glad you found some love in Carnal Flower recently :P It is a beautiful fragrance.

  3. Natalie says:

    I really enjoy that feeling of being so excited about something that I feel I could burst, and just have to write about it. I love your descriptions of this, even though I’m still on the fence about whether I will like it (citrus and I are not usually the best of friends).

    • I don’t get on with citrus either. I find it utterly dull and when it so often used transparent and unadventurous.
      Orange Star is without a doubt the best citrus I have ever tried with it’s deep incense underneath.
      Azemour Les Oranges is also a wonderful orange scent – one of the best also.
      Mito is thick and syrupy and delicious like Italian limoncello, nothing cologney or dull here :D

  4. Mark Evans says:

    I was a lucky recipient of the Campomarzio70 samples as well and enjoyed reading your impressions of Mito. I’m finding the perfume a little hard to appreciate so far. I really don’t like it when citrus and sweet floral combine to result in a sherbet powdery note, but I am impressed with the quality of the materials and Vero’s genius hand.
    I’ll give it more time, as after all I had troubles with some of Andy Tauer’s creations to begin with as well and that seems unbelievable now.

    • That’s thoroughly understandle. I did contact Vero and ask about the missing passionfruit accord that ties this together with all her other fragrances – she said here she replaced it for peach.
      Mito was completely not what I was expected, much more easy going and clear. I actually like my citurs with some sherbert powder, it just makes a change and I like the syrupy sweetness. I would have preffered the inclusion of a non-lemon scented floral also just to create a side angle, but for what it is, it’s a great composition.
      I do have to live with mine a little longer also – I don’t think Mito would be my first Vero buy, but it would probably be the one I’d wear most.
      And as for the Tauers – I just seem to click with most of his work, the first batch of samples of his I ordered (Orange Star, Incense Rose, Lonestar Memories) literally nearly left me in tears hahaha. I couldn’t get over them and god knows why I don’t own a bottle yet, I don’t know if I feel worthy enough lollll.
      Anyway, thanks for the read mate, I’d love to hear your thorough impressions :)

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