Sweet Dreams 2003 – A Lab On Fire

Sweet Dreams 2003 opens extremely restrained with a stand alone bergamot note, over an almost invisible base of what feel like aquatics.

Now, I put lots of this on the back of my hand, and whether I’m anosmic to every note, Sweet Dreams 2003 is practically invisible.
Once this bergamot disappears, the faintest whiff of jasmine (which is so undetectable I had to look it up) peaks up, covering an ugly concoction of what smells like some transparent chemicals.

The fragrance is completely lifeless, dull, and no I’m not trying this on a bad day – I have tried Sweet Dreams 2003 3 or 4 times only to remain desperate to wash off it’s poor, flat attempt. It has a similar feel to Bergamote by The Different Company, but even quieter, like the stain of Bergamote after hours and hours of wear.

This is a fragrance created by Thierry Wasser (the nose of Guerlain) and the story surrounding Sweet Dreams 2003 is a typically romantic tale of secret formulas and long-lost memories and the like. They say this fragrance’s formula was jotted down by Thierry Wasser before he moved to Paris, and was his “prized creation”. To me, it smells like he jotted down the first few notes for the top of a fragrance and someone has mistook it for a complete creation. I can’t even begin to describe what a useless and unnecessary release this was for a relatively new niche house – I can’t see a bright future for them.

Sweet Dreams EDP 60ml A Lab On Fire – $110 Luckyscent

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4 thoughts on “Sweet Dreams 2003 – A Lab On Fire

  1. Your disdain is so clearly evident. Don’t you hate that???! I’m sure you’re like me, you just want to love each and every fragrance so much; only to be disappointed again and again until that one scent comes along and is wonderful beyond your wildest dreams! Keep your head up :)

    • I do hate that!! Haha. But then I’d hate to write reviews that I pretended were positive, or even just better than they are. Luckily it’s rare that I have to write ones this bad.
      I do have samples right now which ARE beyond my wildest dreams for writing (whilst they’re probably not to my “Holy crap I NEED IT” taste – they are perfect writing material :) I just wasn’t in the mood to indulge in one of them. Tonight was all about “Get this tripe out the way and move onto better tomorrow”.
      I look forward to reading what you’ve been sniffing out recently :P

  2. Jen says:

    That’s pretty much my response to L’Anonyme ou OP-1475-A, also by A Lab on Fire. It smells like…nothing.

    • I haven’t tried those, but I did write up on What We Do In Paris Is Secret – that has a lot more substance and presence – but it is almost a cheat of an attempt at a gourmand, complete un-original. I’m glad I’m not the only one who isn’t feeling this brand :)

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