The Different Company – Un Parfum Des Sens & Bois, Un Parfum De Charmes & Feuilles, De Bachmakov

More generously gifted fragrances from The Different Company here. Hopefully bringing some success after the disappointment of the last reviewed samples :)

Sens & Bois opens with a sprinkling of pepper, a delicate, watery shard of ginger, and a faint whisp of incense. This is mainly an incense fragrance, the pepper and ginger providing a very slight spice, with an almost aquatic like accord smoothing out the edges, like, a huge dose of Iso E Super or something.

There’s a nondescript “floral” aspect to it, that makes the combination a little more delicate (if it needed to be!), and from the very start, Sens & Bois remains close to the skin.

After a short while, the cedar comes forward which is nice enough – dry, slightly sharp, but not let loose to full power because of this smooth aquatic emptiness that rounds out the entire composition.
From here on it remains relatively linear, quiet, almost nondescript. 

Not quite dry, not quite floral, not quite spicy, not quite… well, not very interesting :)

Charms & Feuilles is an ever so slightly more interesting combination of notes. It opens with some muted cooking spices (the green herbaceous kind rather than the spicy kind), of listed marjoram and sage. A cool peppermint freshens it up more so, and underneath, a nice accord of “wet leaves” without any of the interesting soil solidifies it.

A zesty fruit accord is just about detectable, along with the palest of florals yet again. As with Sens & Bois, the fragrance seems rounded out with a big watery, smoothing chemical, to blend the nondescript notes together.

A bitter-ish tea leaf note comes in created a kind of Earl Grey tea accord with a little less bergamot. This may simply come from some lifeless patchouli, which does grow in strength over time.

The fragrance then drags on in a muted, slightly herbaceous style. Cool peppermint still suprisingly shows its face, an un-pleasant jasmine-tea grows a little stronger and plays in the foreground, and the patchouli just about gives Charms & Feuilles some substance.

I actually wasn’t gifted this one, and it was part of the sample pack I ordered of The Different Company scents I WANTED to like.
I thought I’d cram this on the end of this review simply because it’s clogging up my sample set and I may as well write about it.

De Bachmakov is thankfully, one of the most interesting in the otherwise dire lineup of The Different Company. It’s opens with an almost doughy-bready accord, similar to L’Artisan Parfumeur’s beautiful Bois Farine, only this has a slight citric twang to it of bergamot, making it less edible, and a very green accord underneath.

The fragrance is often said to feel “cold” and I can agree with that. It has a very cool feel to it, and I think that’s due to the shisho leaves which I believe has a mint like scent? There’s some other green leaves in here and a dose of cedar wood giving the base some security, much more so than that of the previous two fragrances just reviewed.

Also there is no aquatic style here, it is much more solid. But it still has that translucency. The bergamot actually feels a little too pungent for the other subdued notes and it comes across as a little obtrusive.
A watery jasmine makes it’s appearance again – and I’ve mentioned before how I prefer my jasmine’s richer and more indolic, rather than this pale, un-appetizing jasmine. It instead seems to create a fragrant floral haze over the fragrance, and I don’t really see the point of jasmine used like this.

Anyway – the bready notes stay persistent which I would only have thought would be iris, but listed is a “chalk accord” so I’m guessing this is it, it does feel chalky, but also pale and doughy, and pretty much the only note bulking up the otherwise airy herbaceous greenery.

All in all, this is without a doubt the best of the bunch, but still, looking at the price – it’s just horrendous for what you are getting. Fair enough if you fall in love with this, but nothing about these compositions to me are exciting or even wearable. I wouldn’t give these a second thought if I sprayed them out of a designer bottle in a drug store.
I’m sure I sound like I have it in for The Different Company – I don’t at all. I really wanted to like their fragrances, and I was impressed with their polite customer service. Unfortunately however, I’m not going to lie on this blog.

To me, this is without a doubt my least favourite fragrance house, the scents just do not work for me and I’m completely underwhelmed by them. I have however gave them fair reviews and I hope no one takes anything I’ve said to heart if I’ve slated one of your beloved TDC fragrances – enjoy it! I’m envious that you can appreciate this style of perfumery better than myself :)

The Different Company –
De Bachmakov 90ml $230
Sens & Bois 90ml $215
Charmes & Feuilles 90ml $215

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4 thoughts on “The Different Company – Un Parfum Des Sens & Bois, Un Parfum De Charmes & Feuilles, De Bachmakov

  1. Undina says:

    I haven’t tried any of these so I do not know if I’d feel the same but it’s really upsetting when one perfume after another in the line disappoints. Look at the bright side: you (almost) didn’t have to pay to figure that out and now you won’t have to pay for a full bottle or a decant. Win-win :)

    • This is all very true! The only other brand I’ve a similar… but not the same reaction to is O’Driu, only I could actually appreciate the compositions there, but wouldn’t want to wear one.
      Good job there were no blind buy mishaps here, reading positive reviews on these is like reading about an entirely different fragrance.

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