What We Do In Paris Is Secret – A Lab On Fire

What We Do In Paris Is Secret or “Paris” as I will call it from now on, is in one word: Yummy! Now, whether that is a good or a bad thing is pretty much up to you. Not everyone likes this almost edible/ slightly immature style of fragrance. But before I get into this, let me tell you how it smells…

Paris opens with a powder puff of almonds, delicately fragrant heliotrope, with a subtle, almost aquatic fruit note that turns out is lychee :) So yes, lychee is the fruit note, so don’t hold onto the word “aquatic” and let your heart sink, I don’t mean it in any way cologne-y/transparent/ocean ozonic blah blah, it is instead a delicate watery fruit (which disappears after a few minutes), over a rich full powder of almond nuttiness.

The fragrance soon settles securely into a linear type structure, of creamy vanilla and benzoin, the slightest hint of creamy woods and up top a powdery, honeyed almond. Following along the line of Rahat Loukhoum, Louve, Luctor et Emergo and even Amour by Kenzo, Paris has a literal Play-Doh feel: dense, with the same heliotrope delicate sweetness with the tiniest hint of salt.

So, I described earlier how Paris is slightly immature, maybe that’s a little unfair. The thing is, it’s almost like a cheap thrill. It’s every lovely, cuddly ingredient wacked into one niche concoction. The Play-Doh note has been done before over and over, and yes, fair-do’s that this may be one of the much better examples, but piled on top of creamy vanilla, musk and delicate floral rose, this becomes an all round predictable fragrance. Whilst when I first sniffed this I thought “Yes, very nice” – that’s literally it, no surprises here, nothing slapping you sideways in the drydown, nothing leaping out and tearing at your nostrils with a joyous shock – Paris is about as safe and predictable as a niche gourmand can get. It would be a perfect blind buy for someone who just likes to smell good but doesn’t care of what in particular.

All in all, a pleasant, “hard not to enjoy”-Play-doh/almond fragrance, feminine and playful. A good example of something there is many of, and you don’t really need.

What We Do In Paris Is Secret 60ml EDP A Lab On Fire – £110 Luckyscent

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3 thoughts on “What We Do In Paris Is Secret – A Lab On Fire

  1. I must admit that the just the name had me dreaming about this fragrance. Reading your review I do not think I would enjoy this very much. I guess it reflects my mixed feelings about Paris: such a beautiful city but why do I find it so hard to be happy there?

    • Ahh well I’m just a typical Brit who “Living in Paris” would be a dream come true to me, I love the city :)
      Yeh the fragrance isn’t as romantic as the name unfortunately. Now, if the juice was basically Humiecki and Graef’s Bosque with a bright indolic jasmine, then I think we’d have a perfect niche fragrance :)

  2. […] tried the other scents to know how they may compare, but Now Smell This and Freddie of Smelly Thoughts found some overlap between What We Do In Paris and other gourmand fragrances, including Serge […]

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