100% Love – S-Perfume

I hadn’t heard much about this fragrance when I ordered a sample. I knew more about its brother S-EX, which I will review shortly.
All I knew was that it was a chocolate rose, and that it got 5 stars in The A-Z Guide… not that this means anything to me!

But what a surprise this was! 100% Love opens with a very slight citrus but that instantly caves in to some cocoa… Actually, a LOT of cocoa. It is bittersweet, powdery, unedible. Paired in equal strength is a rich red rose, almost powdery with a turkish delight/lokum vibe.

So you’ve got your rose, and your cocoa, but there is more to 100% Love, a dark side I shall say. It comes in the form of a sweaty, sweet/sour muskiness that reviewer after reviewer have likened to “smelly feet”. Now, I hadn’t read these two mind-penetrating words before I sniffed this fragrance for the first time, and I use that term as once you have those words – you smell it! No joke, it is a perfect description. There is this dusty, familiar, slightly rank, sour scent of… well I’ll stick with it: feet.

It’s not all this gross trust me. I actually don’t find it gross, but I had a little laugh aloud sniffing this for the first time, it is so young and playful and just a little bit putrid, a similar effect to what Charogne by ELdO had on me.
The “feet” disappears and what remains is a strange blend of the cocoa (which after half an hour or so has sweetened up substantially), the lovely Turkish rose, a  red, jammy fruitiness providing that sour but juicy edge, and some musks.

I really like 100% Love and I will definitely have a bottle in the near future! I can see wearing it an awful lot, and thankfully/surprisingly it wears relatively light and airy. This is one of the rare occasions that I appreciate a scent for being translucent on my skin, I normally prefer some solid density. But with all these strong flavours going on and especially the daring bilgey note thrown in, the light aura of this fragrance is perfect!
A very exciting discovery for me, I’m not sure how I would have felt if I had read more about it beforehand. But it is a complete unexpected joy sniffing 100% Love and I recommend it :)

100% Love S-Perfume 60ml EDT – $100 Luckyscent

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2 thoughts on “100% Love – S-Perfume

  1. Really, cocoa as light and airy?? To your last statement about “not sure how I would have felt if I had read about it beforehand” is kind of the vibe that I’m getting. LOL.

    • Ah well, if you get the chance to sniff it (which I recommend), then go into it just knowing that it is a light cocoa and rose, if you get more, than congratulations! I don’t think everyone picks up this sweaty smell, just like how some are anosmnic to certain musks, I’ve also read numerous reviews of people saying “nice simple cocoa, nothing special for me”.
      But yes it is definitely light and airy, no thick density, no syrupy sweetness or cloudfulls of powder. Just a dusting :) a cocoa perfect for all seasons!
      If you haven’t tried it by the time I get a bottle I’ll be sure to send some your way.
      Have you deciphered your other samples yet?! I hope so :P

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