Tirrenico – Profumi Del Forte

So I’m back! Hopefully full of interesting reads ahead for you guys.
I’ve got lots to get reviewing, lots of great finds and some disappointments.
I’ve been ordering samples like crazy and getting some lovely freebies along the way. But before I go into all that, let’s start with quite an unusual choice…

I picked Tirrenico as I desperately want to find a summer scent I’ll love. I’ve really got into this beachy/aquatic/salty vibe recently, but I haven’t actually found one I love. Dans Tes Bras is probably the closest I’ve found so far, Dirty is probably just above that (as much as I hate to mentioned my love for this cheapie), and At The Beach 1966 just below.
I have been recommended this fragrance and have also really wanted to explore the Profumi Del Forte, so with all that in mind I thought this would be a good place to start.

Tirrenico opens with a fragrant Skarb-like vibe. It has that dense aquatic-melon note with a salty edge to it. I use the word dense becuase similar to Humiecki & Graef’s Skarb, Tirrenico manages to have a real aquatic feel to it, without it being transparent or particularly ozonic. It’s very unusual… if you notice it.

A green herbaceous note of fennel comes through pretty strong once the fragrance begins to align itself. I also get a subtle bay leaf note, but the wet, green anise dominates. Underneath, is the salty, aquatic sea air, full and accurate. I get an almost bilge-y driftwood substance that has a metallic depth to it, not all to dissimilar from the metallic reference Secretions Magnifique. It is quite sharp, a little bit uncomfortable, and just further pushes the reality of this salty sea-shore aura – almost too real with the metallic dirtiness in the mix.

For me, this is like a mash-up of Secretions Magnifique, Skarb, and the saltiness of Dans Tes Bras, with an added fennel note. It sounds complicated but it reamins simplistic and relatively easy to pull apart – not that this is my sole intention of course. Thankfully fifteen minutes in a watery jasmine note comes in, not my favourite note at all, but the delicate floral just reminds you that this IS a perfume to be worn on your skin, something that Christopher Brosius’ tends to avoid (and I guess that’s why I love his work!).

I don’t really like Tirrenico… well, that’s unfair, I enjoy the opening and I love what it achieves – the saltiness and fresh sea air. The fennel note actually spoils this for me, and I wish the dominating note was something different – I’m not the perfumer so I won’t attempt to give a suggestion! But after I’ve sorted the fragrance out in my head, understood it a little more, and let it settle, I’m tired of it. It’s subtle persistence on the skin means that it isn’t too obtrusive after an hour, but I don’t enjoy the slightly dirty, salty anis stain that remains on my skin.

All in all, I would recommend Tirrenico, it’s definitely worth a try if it sounds like something you’d enjoy – it is a fantastic quality marine fragrance that is unique and recognizable.

Profumi Del Forte Tirrenico 50ml EDP – $130 Luckyscent

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2 thoughts on “Tirrenico – Profumi Del Forte

  1. Funny, I’m not into beachy summer smells and fragrances, suprisingly because I can’t think of anyplace else I would rather be than on the beach. When I was reading your review, I was thinking that the fennel sounded the most interesting, but then you said that’s what spoiled it for you!!!

    • You see I never have been too, I’m really note a “calogne/aquatic” sort of person at all. But I’ve been enchanted by the really literal interpretations of the beachy vibe. Sure I love the tuberose + coconut = suntan lotion concoctions, but then I’m much more intrigued by the harsh salty notes, the metallic bilgey vibes and the green seaweed notes, and even more so the smell of salted skin that these fragrances often aim for.
      The fennel is interesting, don’t get me wrong, it’s just not a note that I enjoy in the composition, on my skin, I’d rather everything else amped up, maybe a different floral other than jasmine? I’d say violet but I’d just be trying to turn it into Dans Tes Bras. Maybe a dry wood note? or some briney note to complement the sea like olive leaf? I said I wouldn’t make suggestions :P The fennel although is comfortable, for me feels out of place and un-familiar in the marine vibe.

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