Commando – Smell Bent

I never really had the urge to even sample Commando, well I did, but I was constantly distracted by the rest of the creative line of Smell Bent. I felt that Commando would be “plain”. I obviously read many reviews, I felt that the “fecal” references were most likely over dramatic after comparisons with Muscs Koublai Khan and such, and I heard many just saying “smells like clean skin – white musk” and that put me off.

I’m not all that keen on “skin scents”, which is what perfumer Brent Leneosio describes Commando as. I imagined Commando would be almost scentless, with the slightest clean musk overtone and a sweet base. I’m not sure why I expected no dirtiness in this fragrance, especially as Brent is known for making some filthy musks (most famously my previously reviewed Untitled No.8 which is the skankiest musk I have smelt…).

Anyway, I chose to blind buy this. I thought as I was putting in my order for Saddle Warmer and Desperado, I may as well get something else. I was torn between some of this fizzy, fruity, summer fragrances and some of the other classic characters I really wanted to try. For some reason, I settled on Commando. I figured it would fill the musk gap in my collection as I don’t currently own a musk fragrance. I also thought that it would indeed be a great choice for when I don’t feel like wearing something heavy and overpowering – like most of my collection.

Commando opens with an intensely sweet musk, that out of no where, turns heavy, and recognizably fecal. It is impossible not to make comparisons to Muscs Koublai Khan, it has the exact same fecal notes, only much stronger and not disguised by the rose notes. This is overlayed with some much cleaner white musk, but the whole feel is undeniably dirty… I am absolutely in love with it.

On card, this fragrance remains much more on the clean side, on my skin, the filthiness pushes right into the foreground. It is so, so much more than I hoped for. MKK was high on my “must have” list, but this… well, with this I don’t feel like I currently need it. Without the rose (which was never a big deal in the Lutens’ musk for me), I am left with just as described “a motley crew of animal musks” and it is heavenly, sweet, filthy and clean. There is no skin smell about this to me, other than the fact it melts into it perfectly.

Commando lasts for ages, it survived a shower, and projects strong. Underneath all the musk is a tonka bean base which really smooths everything out and seems to provide a real warmth to the musk.

It takes a good couple hours for the dirty musk to calm right down, and the clean musk comes more to the top. It never completely wins the fragrance over, but it makes Commando much more wearable to anyone uncomfortable with dirty musks. The linear fragrance never gets tiresome and providing you like the opening, your nose will struggle to leave your wrist for the rest of the day.
I can’t tell you how happy I am I made the decision to go for Commando. It is something that was missing in my wardrobe, and to me, an absolutely perfect musk fragrance.

Long lasting, undeniably skanky, sweet and creamy, and absolutely sits proud in my top 10 fragrances. Outstanding :D

Commando Smell Bent 50ml EDT – $45

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