Rhubarb – Comme Des Garcons

Whilst I’m on the topic of partner’s fragrances, I also bought him this one! We tried it in Dover Street Market and both pretty much just went “Mmmmmm!”.

Rhubarb from the Sherbet Series 3, opens with some prickly citrus and what smells like a bit of pink pepper maybe? There’s a little spice whatever it is. Wonderfully, this super tart citrus and gentle spice, over the next minute or two, merge into a fantastic tangy rhubarb accord. It is a green, slightly syrupy, mouthwateringly juicy chunk of rhubarb.

Rhubarb stays like this for some time, or course all good things start to disappear in time, and that over the top, bright tang of the opening beings to mellow out. The non-pepper peppery spice also loses is sharpness (which is good), but the green sap keeps the fragrance solid and leafy fresh.

At the base is a layer of recognizable vanilla, it’s modest, not powdery, not particularly interesting, but pleasant none the less. This gradually works its way to the foreground over time, remaining light and green paired with the sap and remnants of the rhubarb. A gentle floral aura surrounds Rhubarb as well, it’s subtle, and probably provides the spice? I may be wrong. But the fragrance remains to be initially juicy and sour, yet stay inedible and wearable.

Rhubarb’s lasting power, in all honesty, is pretty poor. But it comes in a small plastic bottle, easy to carry round, and wonderful to splash on over and over without it ever becoming overwhelming. It is a wonderful summer spray for people who don’t always want something aquatic and full of floor cleaner lemons.
A fun, fizzy and fruity fragrance, and for the price, recommended!

Rhubarb Sherbert Series 3 Comme Des Garcons 30ml EDT – £28 doverstreetmarket.com

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4 thoughts on “Rhubarb – Comme Des Garcons

  1. The price is definitely right on this. Funny, the bottle doesn’t inspire confidence in the fragrance though. It reminds me of those overly large fruity lip gloss contraptions that girls used to wear around their necks in junior high and were flavored of watermelon and strawberry and such.

    • That’s the case with a lot of these series though… well… EVERY one.
      Synthetic series look terrible, the Leaves series are horrible looking, the Incense’s are just about ok. But there, we go, Comme Des Garcons make up for it with their non “Series” fragrances – Stephen Jones, EDP 2011, Luxe Pyramid etccc… :)
      Lots of these are playful novelty scents, like Demeter and such.

  2. The design of the fragrances in the Synthetic Series is perfect for the customers who buy them and this goes for each of the other series. Original design is central to the Comme des Garçons philosophy and each fragrance bottle is in harmony with its price-point. We offer more than forty fragrances from Comme des Garçons Parfum and the diversity of the customers is amazing. Each of them comes in search of something individual through which to express their sense of self. Comme des Garçons products are a joy to work with.

    • Hi David, I can imagine they are an exciting brand to work with. What’s your involvement with them?
      I think even the budget bottles suit the fragrances perfectly, the range is wonderfully diverse and as you said, the target customers are so diverse because the brand is also! One of the most creative and exciting fragrance brands on the market :)

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