Update from Freddie

Hi there!
Sorry if there are any followers who are realising the recent lack of posts.
I am pretty much sample-less at the minute and have worked my way through review after review over the last couple months. I have things that I’m just not passionate enough about to review recently, and I want to discover new things.
HOWEVER – I have instead been working on building my own collection, acquiring new bottles and finding bargains. So, sorry for the lack of posting, it will all resume soon! For now I’m just spoiling myself, then I will get back onto ordering a boatload of samples to get me excited!
Thanks for reading :)

3 thoughts on “Update from Freddie

  1. So what have you added to the collection? And where are you finding your bargains?

    • I got myself a bottle of Intrigant Patchouli, Stephen Jones, a blind buy of 3 bottles of Smell Bent fragrances and I’m super close to a buy of Dans Tes Bras….
      So, I’m building slowly but carefully, and have been selling some things I don’t love like Hansel and Dreidel and Skai…
      I’m hunting eBay and the Basenotes forums and some which I couldn’t wait for and hit buy on the RRP.
      How is your fragrance exploration going recently? Any new purchases? :)

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