Forest/Wild Hunt – CB I Hate Perfume

That is the one great thing about these water perfumes, there’s no waiting around for the sharp alcohol note to disappear before the fragrance blooms for you. With Wild Hunt, what explodes infront of your nose is filthy upturned soil, and the damp, mouldy stink of mushrooms.
I absolutely love it :)

Whilst it all sounds completely bitter and grim, there’s some kind of underlying sweetness that makes this a whole lot more wearable.
But before I get ahead of myself, this is all about the mushrooms, the wet soil, and the withering green foliage of leafs and broken twigs.
I may be wrong, but It feels like five minutes later, I’m picking up some fig leaves? I’m just getting that green/coconuty type of creaminess in the background which is giving me that sweet undertone, it may just be the dirty sweetness of the truffles though.

Wild Hunt is very linear, it stays just as dirty from start to finish, and retains that lovely damp/dewy feel, it feels as though your skin is still wet once the fragrance has dried.
I chose to sample this after my hunt for savoury notes in fragrances, particularly mushroom. I wanted Sombre Negra to have that pungent mushroom note, but obviously as you may have read in my previous review of it, it turned out it had been drastically reformulated and didn’t smell earthy at all, one of the most boring fragrances I’ve tried. Anyway. This really hits the spot as the best mushroom note I’ve smelt in a fragrance. Christopher Brosius is the master of green perfumes, and for someone like me who isn’t normally a fan, these are done just as I like them. Similarly to Memory of Kindness (green tomato leaf), the representation is so unbelievably accurate and intense that it’s everything I look for if I’m going green.

Unfortunately though, Wild Hunt doesn’t last very long. I hate to bring up longevity issues with the CB line as it has been said over and over again. This isn’t the case with all the waters; At The Beach 1966 lasts many hours on me, this however doesn’t. I have also tried the absolute, which didn’t smell quite as intense as the water perfume and didn’t last any longer.
I get around 3 hours at most from this fragrance. That may be alright for some, but right now, It’s just not enough for me to consider buying it. If this was an alcohol based fragrance that had a substantial amount of longevity, I’d consider it an absolute wardrobe staple. That title in the damp/earthy/vegetal category will have to belong to Totem Eclipse by Smell Bent for now.

All in all: Wild Hunt is a fantastic fragrance – if mushrooms and dirt is what you’re after. It is literal, completely natural feeling, bizarrely refreshing yet absolutely filthy, and a must try for fans of the vegetal skank!

Forest/Wild Hunt CB I Hate Perfume 100ml Water Perfume – $100

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5 thoughts on “Forest/Wild Hunt – CB I Hate Perfume

  1. I am going to have to try one of your veggie infused fragrances. Wild mushrooms and earthy dirt just don’t sound appealing; but I guess I’ll never know until I try! Or maybe I should just go out to the back garden and roll around??! :)

    • Ha! That’s pretty much what it smells like. I’m fascinated with vegetable notes or just generally foody filth!
      I love the meaty notes of tuberose, the blue cheese in gardenias, luca turn says salami in lilies. And then the obvious stuff like the CB veggie goodness!

  2. Have you tried Soaked Earth? It’s one of the perfume extrait accords, and it smells like a green forest after a long hard rain. The mushroom is unmistakable, and mixed with the dirt and green notes, it’s divine!

    • Nope! Sounds right up my alley.
      Do the accords last well on their own? I’d be tempted just to blind buy that one as Wild Hunt just didn’t last long enough for me.

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