Batucada – L’Artisan Parfumeur

Batucada opens with a hit of sour limes that pretty instantly falls on top of an underlying sweetness and a creamy almost coconut type of note. This doesn’t smell like coconut though so don’t hold onto that point. It’s a mere hint.
There’s some mint in this too, but only a small leaf of it.

The whole feel is really sweet, it smells exactly like a cocktail. It has that cool, liquid feel to it with a boatload of brown sugar, chopped limes and sprigs of mint. But Batucada just lacks the alcohol. That’s exactly what Batucada needs, not alcohol, just a hit of something to make it a little bit more interesting…

Some florals have come in now 5 minutes on, yet again, just a gentle wisp of tropical petals. I’m guessing it’s something like ylang-ylang as it has that slight fresh banana smell to it, maybe that’s what’s also providing the more solid creaminess under all the translucent leading notes.

Batucada is quite aquatic, there’s that fresh ocean note running through it which to be honest, is actually pretty good! I like that. It’s quite beachy without the suntan lotion, extremely fresh and uplifting.
I like this fragrance the more I sniff it and write about it, but that’s only because I’m breaking it down – one quick sniff of this and it’s just another citrus/aquatic. Batucada smells like it came fresh out of a designer house and to be honest, there is absolutely nothing interesting in this at all. It is just blended nicely, and it is what it is – a simple, fresh summer scent.

Batucada doesn’t change much. The limes decrease in their strength, whilst the sugar and pale florals take over. The mint has also began to vanish 15 minutes later and the coconut has become more present. The aquatic notes still hover in the background and the lack of lime and mint has created a little bit more warmth to the fragrance.

I’ve just realised I’m really trying my best to write about this as a serious fragrance. I could imagine spraying this out a Lynx bottle and wouldn’t give it a second thought.
Pleasant, but nothing you haven’t already sniffed before…

L’Artisan Parfumeur Batucada EDT 50ml – £55

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4 thoughts on “Batucada – L’Artisan Parfumeur

  1. I have yet to find an acquatic, beachy kind of summer scent that I like. This looks like another pass for me!

    • I’ve begun to realise I only like aquatics as a literally interpretation. I don’t really like an aquatic note as such, but I’ve begun to appreciate a good one.
      My favourite is probably still At The Beach 1966 which is about as obvious and in your face as they come. But you’ve gotta like the whole suntan lotion thing that goes with it.
      I’ve been recomended Montale’s Sandflowers which I am very much looking forward to trying!

  2. […] Robin at Now Smell This enjoyed it in that same way, but would never buy it; Freddie at Smelly Thoughts found it “pleasant” but struggled to “write about this as a serious […]

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