CB I Hate Perfume – Memory of Kindness, In the Summer Kitchen, Burning Leaves

3 new CB I Hate Perfume fragrances! Very exciting.
3 new first time sniffs I’ll also add, can’t wait to try these :)

Mmmm, In The Summer Kitchen opens very strange. There’s a whole bundle of vegetables, tomatoes, green leaves, earthy potatoes and bell peppers all come to mind. There’s something subtly perfumey and floral underneath it though.
Sniffing it again, it just made me laugh. How fantastic! It’s lovely and brings to mind exactly what the name says.
It smells when you shave the skin off of carrots or you smell soup being prepared. It is both raw and cooked, warm and cool.

This perfume makes me smile huge, I absolutely love it. It probably won’t be considered wearable by a lot of people, and similar to the other CB scents I’ve tried, the resemble places more than perfumes. They are familiar and emotional.
I’m so glad this does what it says, I didn’t want to be disappointed.

A lovely note I’m also picking out is banana skins, similar to how I did in Totem Eclipse by Smell Bent, a note that I thoroughly enjoy. A lot of people seem to note like this as the combination of vegetables and herbs and banana skins reminds them of a garbage bag! To me though, it’s not that putrid, it’s too “perfumey” underneath to be so blunt.
I mentioned herbs there, I forgot to add, there are cooking herbs in here, just a small bundle of I’m not sure what – basil, coriander, it doesn’t matter :) It all works lovely.

As it starts to dry down (which is relatively quickly it seems), a little bit of fresh wood comes through that may be cedar? I’m not sure I’m terrible with naming woods. It makes the composition a lot more stable and just when you feel like it’s too delicate and it will fall apart, the wood provides a sweet, sharp support.
After it has been on for around half an hour, a soapy dishwashing liquid type of note comes in and remains quite prominant. I actually find this quite welcoming as some consider the vegetable notes dirty, this cleans it all up for you :)

The fragrance is relatively subtle (by the way I’m trying these three in water perfume form as opposed to the oil concentrates), with not a lot of projection it seems, but it’s personal anyway, it remains close and a quick sniff will put a smile on your face :D

Mmmm again! Memory of Kindness smells just like my conservatory in the late spring when my Dad has the tomato plants indoors before putting them outside.

The main accord is a strong, green, tomato leaf. It is heady and fragrant and absolutely lovely. It is a sharp twang to it (exactly like if you rub your fingers on the leaves and sniff them) yet the perfume feel completely fragrance and almost “cologne-y”… I would recommend it as a great masculine!

There are bunches of fresh green leaves, some soil and earth and a sharp sparkly tomato leaf accord which is bright and sunny. This fragrance seems a lot more pungent than In The Summer Kitchen and is projecting a lot more. It’s extremely refreshing and I’d love a bottle in the summer, it’s a fantastic hot weather fragrance without the usual citrus and aquatic notes – something I have been really hunting for!
Having said there is no citrus, now I’m starting to pick some up, but it’s a sharp lemon peel note that goes beautifully with the tomato, no harm done :)

I really enjoy this, it’s probably more wearable than ITSK, and if it lasts well, I think I’d get a lot of use out of it, especially in the coming seasons. This is something I will test again and again.

Simple, subtle, and completely unique. A thoroughly enjoyable fragrance.

I actually ordered a sample of this for my partner after he thoroughly enjoyed the opening to Patchouli 24 – the extreme smokiness and the sweetness – but found it too much and a little too savoury (I think it just smells like smoked ham). I have to try it first though I can’t have it sitting here staring at me!

A very strange looking fluid – it’s like milk, translucent and white. Anyway.
Oooh much nice than I thought. Burning Leaves isn’t as horrendously smoky as I thought it would be, I was worried it would delve in the Patchouli 24 mode which was just too extreme for me. It is very smoky and slightly burnt smelling, but with this lovely sweetness underneath.

It smells like so many smoke related things as ridiculous as that sounds! It smells like a bonfire, like toasted marshmallows, my poor attempts at making caramel, and apparently burning leaves – maple leaves I’ve heard, which makes sense. There’s a slightly metallic edge to it which is quite strange, it’s very subtle though, not quite sure why I’m detecting that.

I like this, and I think my partner will, it’s a great alternative if other smoky fragrances like P24, Lonestar Memories etc are too much for you. It has a sweetness that keeps it from being dark and overwhelming, it is instead light and airy but persistent.
It seems to remain pretty linear which is nice, if you like the opening, it’ll carry on like that :)
Just due to my associations, I keep getting a marshmallow note which I’m really enjoying! It’s yet again a straightforward fragrance, quite simple, but I’m learning that sometimes simple is extremely effective.

A really nice surprise!

So happy I got to try these, I have been waiting ages to. None have been a disappointment, and I have realised how much the CB I Hate Perfume line has to offer. What lovely, simple and familiar fragrances. I have found none of them unwearable, and actually wish they were a little stronger (the water perfume argument again).
I will definitely explore more of this line, I feel like I’ve been missing out!

Beautiful, thank you Christopher Brosius.

CB I Hate Perfume Burning Leaves 100ml water perfume – $75
In The Summer Kitchen 100ml water perfume – $75
Memory of Kindness 100ml water perfume – $80 all available from cbihateperfume.com

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2 thoughts on “CB I Hate Perfume – Memory of Kindness, In the Summer Kitchen, Burning Leaves

  1. I’ve always had really mixed feelings about CB I Hate Perfume. I’ve been to the shop in Brooklyn many times and always get treated well…eventually. But some staff don’t know what they’re talking about, while others are more eager to help everyone but you.

    Regarding CB’s fragrances, I loved CB93, but it lasted only about an hour on me before it completely vanished. Loved the idea of the Alan Cumming scent, but didn’t get the actual scent, which was to me like ashtray + gingerbread. I agree, Burning Leaves wasn’t very smoky at all, but I actually wish it were. Totally with you on the water perfume issue. They just don’t have staying power, and since CB raised the prices about a year ago, it’s a tougher prospect.

    All of this was rather frustrating for me because I really wanted to love the brand. Interviews with Brosius were inspiring to read — he’s such an interesting guy with such a healthy, fresh perspective on the market. Oh well.

    • Thanks for the thorough response :D
      I’d love to visit the store, you’re very lucky to have it close to you.
      It’s a shame to hear about the experience there though, but to be honest this is the case with so many places. I can walk up to the Lutens counter in Harrods and they’re trying to flog me Vitriol D’Oiellet but can’t tell me a thing about it except it’s “beautiful”… It’s lovely when you get a knowledge filled sales associated.
      Anyway, that’s off topic…
      I’ve never tried Cumming but have heard great things, I guess the fact it’s a celebrity scent always is an offput, even if the outcome is quite the oppsosite.
      It is true, they don’t have staying power, having said that, At The Beach lasts and lasts on me, as did Mr. Hulot – although very subtle, these were extremely subtle too in the late drydown – it’s a real shame because in alcohol they’d have sooooo much potential!
      I do love the brand – I think. Love may be a bit strong but I have been thoroughly bowled over by every fragrance in the line. Yes most of them may be a novelty, but I’m captivated by them and that’s all that matters I guess…
      I think the price is still reasonable… just. You can find them for pretty good deals online generally :) If they went into their hundreds then I’d be very concerned… the absolute prices are a little scary.
      Thanks for reading :D

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