Dzongkha – L’Artisan Parfumeur

I’ve never really understood Dzongkha, or it’s appeal. I have recently started appreciating this moment of Duchaufour creations, so thought I’d give it a full review (and a proper sniffing).

Dzongkha opens with a bizarre semi/savoury fruit note that after reading the notes list, completely makes sense – lychee. I should have picked it up really but, it’s not particularly a fruit I’m very familiar with. Underneath this I get almost a parchment paper type smell that I’m guessing is a super rooty iris. It almost smells bready/doughy. I like this phase of Dzongkha much more than I used to.

If I hunt real hard, finally after a minute or two some green cardamon shows up and provides a lovely bit of sweetness and spice. The feeling is doughy, yet still light and airy. Not long after I’ve wrapped my head around the lychee, which shortly disappears, and the vegetal iris, a light smoke of incense hovers in front of everything but isn’t particularly strong. It almost has more of a presence than a scent.

Underneath the iris and the incense is the vetiver, there’s probably some wood there too but it’s not letting me know it’s there just yet. The vetiver is slightly earthy and works well with the iris and incense to create a fragrance – dare I say it – so bland, that it is actually really pleasant.

So I just used the word “bland” to describe Dzongkha, I don’t want that to come across as a kick at it, I do quite like it. I almost consider this the Duchaufour reference and describe others such as those I reviewed recently (Paestum Rose and Sienne L’Hiver) to all have a kind of “Dzongkha feel” to them. It is a very nice and unusual fragrance and I understand it when people say it is meditative – although my meditative fragrances are much more literally (Cardinal for me).

Whilst I wouldn’t want to wear Dzongkha – I do find it just a tiny bit fascinating. It smells to me more the scent of a place, than a personal fragrance. It has a great atmosphere to it and is just a touch less melancholy than Sienne L’Hiver’s literal landscape feel. Whilst I prefer the latter, I have come to understand Dzongkha a little bit more.
I have yet to find a Duchaufour scent that I really really love…

L’Artisan Parfumeur Dzongkha 50ml EDT – £55

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2 thoughts on “Dzongkha – L’Artisan Parfumeur

  1. R says:

    I feel that we might like the same think as I, too, am crazy about vanilla, incense and vetiver. Have you given Eau des Baux a chance? Would like to hear your comments on it.

    • I have tried Eau Des Baux once or twice, but didn’t like it either time unfortunately :( Not too sure why, haven’t sniffed it properly enough to make a judgement.
      I’m not big on vanilla, and only vetiver on certain occasions. Incense gets boring easily – so I love sniffing a great one – my current favourite is Calling All Angels by April Aromatics – fantastic :D

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