At The Beach 1966 – CB I Hate Perfume

I am only just exploring the CB I Hate Perfume line. I have tried many of the Demeter’s and fell in love with a couple, not enough to buy full bottles of I will say, but I’ve enjoyed many, maybe fell in love was too strong a term. Anyway!
It seems he’s carried a lot of his ideas over to this brand – individual and unique accords which when layered (as he does with his completed fragrances) create endless possibilities. It’s a great concept.

I however prefer to have my fragrances completed for me already, unless of course I do want to just smell like an individual accord. The only other bummer about this brand is that the perfumes are water based… so no perfumer’s alcohol here. Now, there’s no denying that this has an effect on the power of the fragrance. This brand is known for their short-lived fragrances. After this reputation being pretty well known, I’d have thought Christopher Brosius would have maybe re-thought his “vision” and used his talent to create perfumes which would then be faultless… but there we go.
Most of his perfumes are also available in absolute form – a 15ml concentrated oil for more than the cost of the 100ml water perfume. I have tried a couple of these but my natural instinct with fragrance is to lavishly spray, so I shall stick to the waters as long as I can.

My first review here is of At The Beach 1966. The thing I love about these, no matter how cheesy they may be, is that I really love the stories behind the fragrances. They are totally relatable and he manages to create compositions which have an emotional reaction, even if it’s just a slight memory.

At The Beach 1966 opens with some tropical florals of a synthetic but pleasant tuberose and coconut-y vibe, which begins to mould together and blend into a watery-creamy consistency until it becomes a perfect suntan lotion accord. Now, Christopher calles this the “Coppertone” accord… I’m not familiar with Coppertone sunscreen but it smells like traditional sunscreen :)

Unlike my other reference sunscreen perfumes – Datura Noir, Beyond Love, Fire Island etc… this one is lighter, but still lovely and sweet, and glistens on the skin with a beautiful ozonic effect. As the concept of this perfume is an accurate beach memory, it wouldn’t be complete of course without the sea and some salt and that’s what comes next.
Supporting the sunscreen is salty, sea breeze – natural and refreshing. Melded together, these two accords work in complete harmony and it’s really lovely.

For me, At The Beach 1966 brings back memories in 2009 when I lived in New Zealand for 11 months: Having the beach on my doorstep and smelling the sea air even when in the midst of the busy Auckland city; Visiting the Coromandel Peninsula and swimming in Hot Water Beach with my Dad; Spending Christmas Day on the black sands of Piha beach, memories, memories. Literally, it smells as though I’ve dipped in the sea and can still smell the suncream on my skin (without the greasy residue!). The memories for me are great ones of course, and maybe I’m buying into the hype of the nostalgia this guy’s fragrances can create and the stories behind why he made them and such, but I can’t help but connect with it and thoroughly enjoy wearing it.

I’m not too sure when I would wear this, which seems to be a common quote amongst reviews of the CBIHP line, but I would definitely have a bottle just to enjoy on my own. I can imagine it would be amazing to splash on lavishly in the summer – something I never thought I’d say about I fragrance I enjoy (I’m normally into the darker/cozier winter types). It remains relatively linear, which is a good thing in this one, and remains true to the name – slightly tropical, and a true aquatic – something I would normally hate if it wasn’t put together so well!

This has the best lasting power on me out of the CB’s I have tried, and I could still smell it on my hand 6 hours later (with the sunscreen much quieter but still present, and the salty aquatics drying into my skin more so – it had more life left in it before I washed it off).

I’ll be working my way through the rest of the CB samples soon and when I feel comfortable in reviewing the rest, they’ll pop up on here too :) I hope I connect with them just as much…

CB I Hate Perfume At The Beach 1966 100ml water perfume – $80 Luckyscent

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4 thoughts on “At The Beach 1966 – CB I Hate Perfume

  1. I have to revisit this sample. I was completely confused by it when I tried it a year and a half ago.

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