Sel De Vetiver – The Different Company & Sombre Negra – YOSH

Vetiver! Wow, a few months ago I’d have never thought I’d be ordering vetiver samples…

To be honest, so far (having briefly tried the vetiver samples in one go) I realise I should have stuck to my guns… vetiver is not for me. But, I will keep trying! I must be missing something.

I will start with The Different Company’s Sel De Vetiver which came highly recommended to me from a nose I respect on the Basenotes forum. This isn’t my favourite vetiver – I’ll call it a vetiver solifore – solifore  that I’ve sampled, but it’s not boring either. It is also the first time I’ve tried a fragrance from The Different Company.

Sel De Vetiver opens fresh, cool and green. There is a fennel/green anise type of note that I can’t quite put my finger on. That seems to be the dominant scent at first. I guess the rest of unidentifiable smell must be the vetiver…

If you’ve read many of my previous posts, you’ll know that I don’t know much about green notes and vetiver as a dominant note, with these recent vetiver explorations I’m trying to actually discover what this stuff smells like!

So this fragrance… from first spray it remains very linear, a green, fennel like accord with some green vetiver underneath. It’s slightly salty and very fresh. It reminds me slightly of Skarb by Humiecki and Graef which I have previously reviewed, although Skarb is more melon and water, I guess I mean it has a similar feel, and a similar aquatic accord. A slightly herbal note creeps in also, similar to that I pick up in Comme Des Garcons’ Skai.

Although I find the fennel note interesting, it’s nothing I would want to wear, and I also don’t enjoy the vetiver in this. I guess if you don’t enjoy the vetiver in a vetiver soliflore, there’s not much point carrying on…

I’m very confused by this. Sombre Negra came highly recommended to me by a few forum members after I asked about fragrances with dominant “mushroom” accords.
A list of notes claimed “patchouli, davana, teak, tobacco, mushroom…” amongst other things, sounded fantastic so I ordered a sample from LuckyScent.

After first sniff, none of this came out! Then I saw the list of notes given on LuckyScent: “vetiver, black pepper, clove, cumin, nutmeg…” amongst others. Well, apart from cumin I like none of them notes… DAMN! Should have looked first.

I’m not too sure what the story behind this is. It’s in a different bottle now? With a whole new list of notes? What a bummer! So it says on LuckyScent that the guy who made this decided to reinvent it as the first was dark and edgy (why that’s a bad thing I don’t know) and make it brighter etc.
I didn’t read this before I ordered my sample, and I know the people who recommended this to me didn’t mean this version.

So this review is on the current “M:001 Sombre Negra”:

Sombre Negra – smoke, cloves and vetiver. Crap!

The Different Company Sel de Vetiver 50ml EDT – $135 Luckyscent
YOSH Sombre Negra 50ml – $130 Luckyscent

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5 thoughts on “Sel De Vetiver – The Different Company & Sombre Negra – YOSH

  1. I’m like you. I like vetiver scents and that’s the problem, I really don’t love them and I usually find them to be rather uninspiring. Maybe we just haven’t found the right one yet. As for the Sombre Negra, I am trying to wrap my head around “mushroom”. I’m thinking of my own refrigerator and the earthy mushrooms that are sitting in the crisper. I don’t know if that is smell is something I would want to transfer to my self! I’m for gourmand, but I’d rather smell like chocolate than mushrooms!

  2. Well, I’m gonna be reviewing Les Nez’s new Turtle Vetiver Front soon, I’ve only given it a brief wearing, it is more interesting than these ones but still, I’m not convinced. I may have to get a sample of the L’Artisan offering, the kind of containsnovetiver-vetiver.
    As for the mushrooms, you gotta smell it to realise that you do want to smell like it! I got a sample of CB I hate perfume – Wild Hunt which I’ll definitely be reviewing soon. For the short while it lasts, it’s fantastic and fungal! :)

  3. Hi! I just discovered your blog and am madly in love with it. My blog has a similar “new to fumes” premise, which I suppose makes us kindred spirits.

    I’m not really in-tune with vetiver yet. Trying, but not quite there. Like you, I feel like I must be missing something. It’s likely an acquired taste like asparagus. ;)

    For a fabulous mushroom scent, you MUST try Cuir et Champignon by Dawn Spencer Hurwitz. I love it. And I have heard fabulous things about Cepes and Tuberose by Mandy Aftel. I love her perfumes, but really don’t love tuberose so I haven’t tried that one yet.

    Anyway, off to keep reading your blog.

    • That’s really nice of you thanks. I’m glad you’re enjoying reading! I’ll be sure to give your blog a thorough read after the Easter holidays :)
      I have been meaning to try both of those fragrances for ages now, I’ll be sure to hunt them out!
      I love tuberose, paired with mushrooms, sounds incredible. I only ever sample if I’m prepared to buy a bottle though, Aftelier…. it’s pretty pricey for me right now :’) I have a big enough wish list already.
      I’ll be sure to shop on IndieScents for the Dawn Spencer Hurwitz samples soon!
      Thanks for the reads and recommendations.

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