Samples Galore

Well, I have just dished out on 22 samples I have really wanted to try but kept delaying. Actually, that’s a lie, some I have just discovered and have been recommended. Some are brand new to me whereas others I have known about but pushed aside in previous sample orders; others I have felt I’d never buy a bottle of so haven’t ordered a sample – ridiculous as in this mindset I am both limiting myself and missing out on experiencing true gems of my hobby.
All being sent from the USA, these things are going to take ages to get here, so here comes the long patient wait.

I have really began to notice how much my tastes are changing, well, not changing but more expanding. I used to always avoid green scents and have always said I don’t like vetiver, without actually ever knowing what vetiver smells like.
Having selected my samples, I have chosen at least 3 vetiver dominated fragrances, earthy scents, beachy aquatics (all nostalgic type scents, none of your light sports cologne crap obviously)… I love broadening horizons and discovering new things. I’m excited to be inspired again, it’s been a while since I have been.

Thanks to the scent obsessed folks over at Basenotes – I say that as though I’m not one of them – I have completely matured in my olfactory exposure, understanding and knowledge of the fragrance world. Even if no one in my immediate circle of friends and family can truly understand the appeal (which I under-hype and keep semi-reserved), besides my hugely supportive partner, I’m having great fun. I love  having my creativity back, along with a boatload of passion for something again. I feel secretly joyous with my expanding ability in noted expression and olfactory exploration, examination even; and I’ve only just started :)

2 thoughts on “Samples Galore

  1. I love your joy and completely understand the rush that you get from ordering and receiving the little vials of heaven. I know that sometimes my head literally spins from the excitement. Can’t wait to hear your reviews!

  2. :D Thank you! I can’t wait to write them.
    I think my current sample batch has run thing and I’ve reviewed most of my collection already. These new things should give me my creativity back! :)

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