Gypsy Water – Byredo

I got this sample free with a purchase so I thought, why not review it…
I could just spray this and dismiss it and forget about it with great ease but, I’m writing this blog to expand my knowledge and appreciation for fragrances. That won’t happen if I dismiss lots, so maybe some of my next fragrance reviews may not be very “me”, but they are for others and I’ve got to understand and remember that.
So here it goes…

Gypsy Water opens quite sparse, the alcohol is more prominent for a few seconds than anything else. A pale familiar floral creeps in and then a tart lemon-curd pudding type of note dominates. I actually like the lemon, it’s not used as fresh-aquatic, but is instead quite dense and creamy. At this point, it smells quite edible, gourmand even, like a lemon meringue pie – mmmm!

Some white musk hovers underneath, pleasant, easy to enjoy, nothing revolutionary. There’s a nice pine needle smell which I couldn’t initially put my finger on (had to look up that one), that thankfully stays away from floor cleaner territory. I like pine, and it adds a really nice green-ness to the lemon pie.

There’s lots of vanilla in the base, which is most likely providing the creaminess, along with some amber. There’s a little sandalwood in there too, just solidifying that base a tad more.

Gypsy Water remains relatively linear, the lemon pie notes go a little flat, as does the pine needles. What remains after a short while is a slightly musky, vanilla/amber base. Pleasant enough. Some very pale incense creeps in after about 15 minutes which also takes this away from gourmand territory, along with a handful of pepper who’s spiciness doesn’t really match with the rest of the fragrance.
This is the first Byredo I’ve worn on skin (had some quick sniffs in store recently and I will try to sample more of the line) and I know they don’t really have the best reputation in consistency. I will need to try M/Mink as that seems to be the only one that might captivate me enough.

Sorry I’m going off topic there. So yes, Gypsy Water… a pleasant lemon pie and vanilla pudding fragrance, slightly boosted by some green pine and pale, creamy woods. It’s ok, and that’s about all. I wouldn’t recommend it… but it’s a safe, easy to wear fragrance that is just “nice” and not much else.

Byredo Gypsy Water 50ml EDP – £88 from

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4 thoughts on “Gypsy Water – Byredo

  1. Very interesting. I’m not familiar with Byredo, but after looking at their website, I think I need to get to know them! Thanks for the discovery!

  2. No Problemo!
    To be honest, they’re not rated that highly amongst many.
    Their most interesting composition is probably M/Mink which is an inky/honey/incense bizarre… thing. Everything else I’ve tried so far has been so-so.
    They have an Immortelle Oud which is quite interesting, combination wise more so than outcome.
    Have fun!

  3. Pojkfröken says:

    As a swede I am so disappointed on Byredo, I really want them to be good, to have a Swedish perfume house doing wonders with the perfume society. But no. They look good though, the bottles, the ads, and last but not least their sexy owner Ben Gorham.

    M/Mink, though, is a true dirty little devilish creature that I kinda like… I think Baudelaire is ok too, but not very unique.

    Just found your blog and I really like it!!

    • That comment means a lot to me thank you :)
      It’s still on it’s first legs but another reader is always appreciated!
      You’re right. The Byredo image is fantastic, simple and recognizable.
      M/Mink is something I definitely have to give a proper wearing.
      I haven’t tried Baudelaire. I think what you said is the case with a lot of them, nice, but there is better out there.
      I wouldn’t be disappointed, the brand seems to be doing well for itself – I’m sure moreso outside of the perfume obsessed community though.

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