Parfumerie Generale – Intrigant Patchouli

Having tried a few Parfumerie Generale scents recently, I am now beginning to see what an incredible line this is, and I have dismissed it for so long :(

I have a love/hate kind of thing going on with patchouli. My mum loves patchouli, and I guess because of that, I’ve grown to really like it. Sometimes though I see it as too stuffy, or maybe sometimes too boring. I find it hard to find a patchouli dominated scent which I think “Yes I’d love to wear that” and instead am more often saying “Ooh I like that, I wouldn’t wear it though”.

This fragrance however falls between both categories, I guess I’m not used to wearing a patchouli which is why I would be hesitant, however, it is without a doubt the best patchouli dominated perfume I have smelt to date.

A blinding, tart floral and citrus blast opens Intrigant Patchouli but then instantly up shoots a dark… very dark patchouli and intense animalic civet… WOW. It’s an amazing opening. It smells like the richest oriental composition imaginable, almost to a point of being completely unwearable.

Some ginger spices up the patchouli, but the general feel is a dark, leafy, completely un-hippyish patchouli with amazingly rich animal tones merged with it. The animalic sweetness reminds me of Absolue Pour Le Soir by Maison Francis Kurkdijan, but this is very different (much better!). Castoreum adds a nutty and earthy sweetness to it – I keep mentioning the sweetness, but trust me it is completely counter balanced by the bitter green.

I really love this. The underlying woody/resinous support appears to be a deep, crumbly amber and musk, along with a wood that I can’t be specific on. Intrigant Patchouli remains relatively linear throughout its life, staying rich, full and unbelievably luxurious throughout. It does however (and thankfully) slightly mellow out to a level of less projection and more comfort – if it stayed like the opening, I think no matter how divine, it would be almost unwearable. An hour on, the fragrance has a slight translucency to it and it seems to just radiate off the skin: a musty patchouli, rich animalics and heady florals (mainly jasmine I think).

The overall effect is a classic yet completely modern oriental, with every aspect of the drydown boosted up x100. A sophisticated, daring and completely captivating fragrance which I will definitely own in the near future.

Parfumerie Generale Intrigant Patchouli 50ml EDP – £81.50 Les Senteurs

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2 thoughts on “Parfumerie Generale – Intrigant Patchouli

  1. kjanicki says:

    This sounds perfect for me. I really need to try more PG. I’ve liked everyone I have sampled. Papyrus de Ciane is probably my favourite thing ever right now.

  2. Ooh if it sounds good for you then yes you have to try it! It really bowled me over.
    The thing thats put me off a lot of PG scents (of the in the very few I’ve tried) is their transparency, many start out thick, full and divine and mellow out into a pale stain of the opening.
    This however – whilst it does become more translucent, remains just as fascinating at the end as it does at the start.
    As for Papyrus de Ciane, that’s one green I really want to try! On my sample list for sure :)
    Thanks for the read!

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