“Eau De Parfum” 2011 – Comme des Garcons

“Eau De Parfum” by Comme des Garcons was my most recently acquired and tested sample. Now, please excuse me if I have the title wrong, I know there’s been some confusion as to whether this is actually called “A New Perfume” or simply “Eau de Parfum”… it’s been left a bit of a mystery.

Anyway, if you’ve read my first post, you’ll realise that I am a bit obsessed with specific notes and such. I am constantly in need of “something” which I put into my own named groups. This one pops into the group “synthetic”, to me meaning – I want something very synthetic and unnatural smelling…

I heard about this one through Basenotes, and have not had that much experience with the Comme des Garcons line. From what I have tried, I’ve found myself quite dissapointed at times, and others, I’ve grown very fond – which I guess is the case with most lines.
With notes of “aldehydes, safraleine, hawthorn, lilac, industrial glue, brown packing tape, styrax and musk”… I was intrigued.

The thing that suprised me most about this, is how accurate the notes list is, apart from the packing tape, I get everything listed!
“A New Perfume/Eau de Parfum” opens with a blast of shiny, white aldehydes, they are non floral, sparkling and gloriously synthetic, they are fragranced with safraleine which is a synthetic saffron/leather/spice accord, it isn’t spicy by any means, simply as I said – “fragranced”. After 30 seconds or so some chalky flowers peek through. Think, bright laundry fresh flowers, I have no idea what hawthorn or lilac smell like, but it brings to mind a milky, pastel coloured laundry detergent scent.

It’s fresh, but with a musky, chalky texture, and by fresh I do not mean “refreshing”.
This all buzzes off each other for a good ten minutes before it calms down slighty, it becomes less manic and the glue note starts to creep in. By the way, the synthetics don’t come across to me as metallic, I hate metallic scents and this one stays away from that thankfully. Anyway, the glue note reminds me of primary school, when you crack open the tubs of PVA glue with the fat, flat applicator and all the dried glue would be crusted around the stick. This is the smell that joins the lightly fragranced musk.

So you’ve got your laundry florals, saffron and glue, pretty much sent to outer space and back with the initial flurry of aldehydes. It’s very interesting, and quite pretty for something so unnatural and unfamiliar. Unfortunately though, the dry down is dissapointing, and only the gluey notes and laundry-musk remain. It becomes very subtle with little sillage, but for many, this will probably the best bit!

It’s great to see Comme des Garcons release something “so CdG!” that is original, semi-wearable and imaginative. I don’t think it’s cliche, yes the obscure notes have been done before, but this fragrance hasn’t, and it’s a great addition to their line.

edit: After finishing my sample, I had to buy a full bottle!! The opening is just too good and I crave it so often :)

Comme des Garcons Eau de Parfum 100ml – £87 RRP

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3 thoughts on ““Eau De Parfum” 2011 – Comme des Garcons

  1. malsnano86 says:

    Yep. Still want to smell it.

  2. Keith says:

    I *finally* got a bottle of this and I absolutely love it. You’re completely right about the opening being a bit addictive, and I am sad that the sillage dies almost completely after two hours on my skin, but I do love it and reapply whenever I want that initial blast.

    • It may only to you – I’ve worn this on lots of nights out before and hours later get told I smell like “Play Doh” :’) it doesn’t die down as quick as you think ;) Enjoy your bottle

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