Video: New Purchases November 2013


Oh and every now and again I like to post some tattoo updates. Been working on some cool pieces recently :D All my own artwork I really wanted to do!

cherryblossominnerbicep geisha shrunkenhead tattooshaman beardedlady

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5 thoughts on “Video: New Purchases November 2013

  1. lucasai says:

    Nice purchases Freddie!
    I’m totally curious about Lush Snowcake, unfortunately the brand is inaccesible in Poland.

    From my purchases, I recently bought Tauer PHI Une Rose de Kandahar

  2. Melisse says:

    Hi Freddie, I haven’t bought anything in November. Picked up a few things in September/October: D600 by Carner Barcelona, Peche Cardinal by Parfums MDCI , Roses and Chocolat and Palas Atena by Ayala Moriel. Extremely satisfied with all my purchases. D600 is ahhhhmazing on my skin.

    • Ahh this was the last couple months too :P I’m waiting for two more bottles to arrive! EEE!
      Mmmmm lovely! D600 didn’t work too well on my skin, it was very quiet, but the lady who gave me the sample, it smelt sooooooooooooo good on her. Great choice on the Peche Cardinal, that one is a beaut :)
      I still need to try Ayala Moriel’s work. Lovely picks Melisse :D

  3. Ana says:

    Hmm didn’t buy that much at all: a Tauer Explorer set containing PHI,Lonestar Memories,Carillon pour un Ange,which ended up being so expensive with unexpected import VAT and FedEx fees, that even now I feel like crying,a 5 ml decant of De Profundis,a 10 ml decant of Tabac Rouge(which I would like to sell because there is too much honey in it for me) and some sample sets from Oriza L.Legrand and Teo Cabanel.Oriza’s Chypre Mousse is a total unique beauty and Alahine is very sexy,seductive floral amber.So there were some misses in my purchases lately,not a good end to the year,but still am happy enough for discovering a couple more loves and for owning some beautiful Tauer fragrances now

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