Fusion Sacree Elle – Majda Bekkali

Fusion Sacree

Fusion Sacree Elle starts with a creamy bergamot/lemon citrus combo, with a hint of pepper, on top of a ton of creamy white florals (mainly tuberose). There’s a faux gardenia underneath which is nice enough, not at all earthy, fungal or green – but all sweet floral butter instead. There’s hints of jasmine, and an overall slightly tropical feel, not too dissimilar to the initial suntan-lotion opening of Datura Noir without the coconut. There’s other fruity hints up top, a slight acidity from blackcurrant, oranges, a little soft honeyed peach… it’s really nice.

If anything, the overall feel seems like a cross between Datura Noir and Fracas… the dominating tuberose is all pink, bubblegum tuberose – slightly candied, buttery – almost chewy in texture. I do however find it more interesting than Fracas, it’s definitely a little cleaner (I’ve never found the florals in Fracas dirty but something about it’s damp texture on my skin makes me a little uncomfortable).

The most interesting part of Fusion Sacree Elle, is as it leads into the main phase and the drydown… the creamy lactonics and sweetness is backed up by a hefty dose of vanilla and a hint of patchouli, but then there’s the coffee. The coffee note isn’t harsh, it’s more like the foam on a cappuccino :’) subtle definitely, but a much needed bitterness, and the single note that pushes Fusion Sacree from “nice but predictable” into something a little more unexpected… but only just. It could have definitely been turned up in volume, but maybe that’s not the point. Still, the tuberose/coffee dominates the heart leading into a surprisingly comfortable musky vanilla. Overall, it’s a very nice tuberose fragrance, not quite how I like mine I will say, but definitely recommended for fans of Datura Noir, Fracas, Mahora….

Fusion Sacree Elle 120ml EDP Majda Bekkali – $175 Luckyscent

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2 thoughts on “Fusion Sacree Elle – Majda Bekkali

  1. I have not tried anything from this fragrance house, but I think there bottles are gorgeous. Have you tried any others in the line?

    • Nope none of them, had heard it mentioned a few times but never looked into them. It’s made by Duchaufour which is probably what put me off. I think the price point is good too – if you are happy to have a standard looking bottle you get double the amount of juice for like 30 dollars more.

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