Video: Layering Fragrances: How and Why?

:) <3 x

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12 thoughts on “Video: Layering Fragrances: How and Why?

  1. Annina says:

    I haven’t done a lot of layering, just starting. But it’s such a great way to extend your perfume range, and make a unique scent no one else has. It’s also great when you want a new perfume, and it isn’t in the budget! Create your own new scent!

    • Well same here! :P
      It really is I’m slowly learning that. I discovered Aftelier’s Sepia with April Aromatics Rosenlust recently – that’s truly awesome <3
      Thanks for taking the time to watch Annina

  2. Cymbaline says:

    Hey Freddie,

    Very informative video, and subject, and couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. I’ve been wearing a fair amount of Bruno Acampora Musc this summer and am often wishing it had a little more going on. After watching your vid, I scurried right over to the perfume cabinet to start my ‘layering experimentation’! Musc and rose are a great combo; Rosenlust, as well as Olympic Orchid Ballets Rouges are winners.

    While I was testing your Tawaf/Tubereuse combinations I hit on the idea of layering Tawaf with Roxana Villa Illuminated Perfumes Page 47; a jasmine I love, but often wish it had a little more brightness – Tawaf, again fit the bill. Now the hard part: which lovely combo do I wear to work tomorrow?! :)

    • That’s awesome Cymballine :D !
      I can totally understand the off putting mindset that goes with layering as I had it for so long but only recently have given that up and began playing – it’s fab mixing up something totally lovely. Your combinations sound perfect! And the musc and rose work perfectly uhuh :D
      You have a bottle of Tawaf too then? :D I layered it with Leva by O’Driu the other day. Leva is said to have a dominant jasmine note that I just never get – so whacking on the Tawaf on top just brought it out full force and it was beautiful with the harsh lemongrass up top – totally unique. Look forward to hearing more of your layering discoveries! Thanks for watching I appreciate it :D

  3. Frederic says:

    My favorite perfume is Iris Silver Mist so I tried a lot of combination and I recommend mixing it with intense chypre. We can amplify its sillage and coldness, I have very good results with “Calèche” of Hermes and above all the Chanel “No. 22″. If you prefer to make it warm there is “Hiris” of Hermes or a violet like “Unicorn spell” by Les Nez.
    My other winning combination is around the Immortelle, I love to sweet and complexify the opening of Sables by Annick Goutal with Tubereuse 3 by Histoire de Parfum, and this mixture in the background is just sublime. Same with 1740 and Sables or 1740 and Fougère Bengale par Parfum d’Empire.

  4. You sound like you are from my neck of the woods. Next time I am in Birmingham….

  5. (love these combinations by the way….riveting)

  6. Brunello says:

    It’s a great issue and we always strongly recommend that layering should be experimented. Musc goes well with our Blu but also Nero gives it a very different twist.

    It is also nice to wear two different scents in different areas of your body, perhaps even with different media. Musc Oil Essence on your wrists, almost for ‘personal use’ and Iranzol natural spray (Eau de Parfum or Extrait) on a much bigger body area, to ‘Share with friends’….

    Thanks for talking about this, mixing up – when it works – its truly rewarding!



    • Hi Brunello! Lovely to see you here on the blog. Thanks for taking the time to watch :)
      I actually haven’t tried Bruno Acampora! I intended to last time I visisted London thinking that they’d have the EDP’s in stock in Les Senteurs but only the oils were available. To be honest, a small oil is a kind of luxury area of the fragrance market that doesn’t target me at all, so I was really keen to try the new formulations in EDP. I’ll be sure to get some soon. The use of florals in Blu and Jasmin etc sound incredible and raw – totally my sort of thing! Thanks for the layering combos hopefully I’ll get my nose on them soon.

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