Video: Summer Scents 2013

Hey guys! The YouTube blog is going from strength to strength which is nice – the community there has accepted me :P
There’s so many written bloggers now I keep worrying that my opinion may not be so valid… so sorry for the lack of posts, I’ll be sure to start keeping them regular again soon.
Anyway, here’s a little video I loaded today if it’s of interest to you loyal little followers <3

Hope everyone is keeping well and loving the weather!
Freddie xxx

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12 thoughts on “Video: Summer Scents 2013

  1. Glad to hear that Amaranthine has been such a good score for you!

    And bravo for picking citrus-free summer scents. I feel like that is so rare! Everyone’s summer picks seem to always be full of it!

    • Thanks for taking the time to watch bacon! :D
      It really has been a good score I’m loving it!
      It wasn’t necessarily intentional, I’m just not drawn to them I guess – and I still haven’t found my favourite. I’d say Orange Star has my favourite citrus accord in any fragrance… but it’s not exactly a light summer citrus ;) haha. If I had a bottle of Lil by Olympic Orchids, this would be in my Summer Scents video too – need to get that!
      Thanks again :D
      What have you been wearing lots of?

      • This summer I have been getting a ton of mileage out of ELd’O’s Archives 69. Have you tried that? It has been perfect in the heat and humidity!

      • Yeh I wrote about it a while back. Unfortunately I’m not a huge fan – something in it made me uncomfortable. I think it’s just the combination of pepper, dried fruit and metallic-y fuzzy notes :/ Haha. I’d like to love it though! It’s on Amazon UK at the minute for something like £35 a bottle! I’d buy it, but it’d be a waste on me :(

  2. kim says:

    but your blog and your nose are so entirely unique. !
    thank you for your efforts. i loved the video and am learning so much.

  3. rictor07 says:

    You often describe fragrances as lactonic. I am still not sure how that term translates to a particular type of smell. Could you elaborate on that for me?

    • Rictor lactonic is when a fragrance smells creamy or milky in texture. There’s lots of examples, a white floral can smell lactonic because it physically smells dense, and creamy – unlike a rose for example. There are lactones which perfumer’s add – coconut lactone for example (used in Turtle vetiver front I believe), it just warps the texture and therefore the other ingredients. If something smells like milky, or like a lotion… you know? That’s lactonic – or at least how I use the word :)

  4. Natalie says:

    I think you might be the first person I’ve ever met who has said they’d like to go to Texas. :)

  5. soupersusan says:

    I’m new to the blog, Freddy, and happy to be here. The video is great, but I enjoy reading you even more. I love the way you combine your unique nose and voice with your expertise and personal experience. Super cheers.

    Much as I love the smell of citrus — straight off the fruit or in a bottle — I just can’t wear it. It always ages into something dull and barfy and plastic-smelling. I have to get my “freshness” from things like vetiver.

    I haven’t hunted your blog to find out: Have you tried ELd’O’s Jasmin et cigarette? I love it personally. The jasmine is really light and true and kind of ozone-y; never smells like it’s trying too hard, more like I just walked through a garden outside a bar.

    Thanks for all your stuff!

    • Hey there! Happy to have you around :D
      Really appreciate your kind words it means a lot.
      Ditto – but citrus seems dull to me after a while, I love it at times when it develops into something amazing, but citrus cologne’s rarely do this. My favourite loud citurs is Tauer’s Orange Star – to me, it’s absolutely beautiful.
      As for vetiver – we’re opposites there :P I like my vetivers touch and raw, rather than fresh – but I appreciate it’s natural fresh side even when it’s rugged – my favourite being Turtle Vetiver Front by Les Nez, or for a true fresh vetiver – Bosque by Humiecki & Graef (sorry to name lots of stuff but if you’re new here then it’ll give you an inkling into my sort of stuff!).
      Yes unfortunately Jasmine et Cigarettes doesn’t work for me. I’m quite particular with jasmine, and it’s that ozonic slightly water jasmine that I really don’t like as it smells almost “sweaty” and unsettling on my skin :( I wish I did like it though as I like a lot of ELdO’s other work. For a good light, ozone-y white floral try the ozonic gardenia/fig of Un Matin D’Orage as mentioned in the vid :) It’s a favourite summer scent of mine!
      Hope to hear from you again! You have very interesting taste :D

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