Jovoy Paris – Quick Sniffs

I’ve had these Jovoy samples for soooooooo longggggggg. The house is now being sold in the UK I believe and is getting a little more press.
I gave a quick sniff to all of these when I first got them, and put them aside in a dark corner. But here they are all back out again ready for some quick reviews so I can relax knowing they have been dealt with.

Ambre Premier

Ambre Premier opens initially, bizarrely “perfume-y”… yes yes, what a shit description – it was unexpected lets just say that. A bizarre sweet/sour/bitterness of chocolate, orange and patchouli muddle around each other for a while trying to get comfortable on the skin, as a sharper metallic note bites through the middle.
The amber has a “breathy” vanilla quality to it, which paired with the chocolate-patchouli/gourmand thing going on, and the very synthetic smelling orange – turns my stomach just a little.
There’s a little clean rose in the middle, a white musk, and a cloying vanilla – but the dominating accord is surprisingly a metallic meets gourmand patchouli… with a disjointed amber underneath. Drying down to a sweet, hideous white musk.

La Liturgie Des Heures

La Liturgie des Heures opens not too dissimilar to April Aromatics’ Calling All Angels, with its dry woods and incense, only this is a touch more peppery, and more “sticky”. Along with the overload of bitter resins and incense – bits of harsh greenery cut through it: pine and cypress mainly… a mix of sticky, sweet forest floor, and more herbal coniferous greens.
It pretty much stays this way throughout it’s life. It’s totally not my kind of perfume and not how I like to smell (also very bored of the overload of foresty/incense fragrances)… but still, this is a solid enough example for people who like that kind of thing :) Not bad!

L'Arbre De La Connaissance

L’Arbre de la Connaissance  starts with a loud, fig overload. It’s tangy, almost sherbert-y, neither predictably lactonic, or green? Maybe a bit of both – it’s both sharp, sweet, fizzy and bright – I get touches of grapefruit and bitter lemon peel too.
The fig gives off hints of coconut, green sappy milk (suntan lotion and salty green) – and gradually gets greener as more herbaceous notes and camphor joins in.
It’s a little too much on my skin – but I’d definitely recommend it for someone after a loud, hyper-fresh fragrance. I surprisingly like it, despite it smelling mega-synthetic, it reminds me of a fig that Comme Des Garcons would come out with – even with a touch of high-pitched metallic oil thrown in for good measure! It dries down to a woody/patch, but stays true to the start for longer than expected.

L'Enfant Terrible

L’Enfant Terrible opens near enough a straight rip-off of Parfum D’Empire’s Aziyade. I love Aziyade so I can’t help but quite like this too as much as I hate to admit it (ok read the name I want to love it!!!). It starts with fizzy spiced fruit, not too dissimilar to Dr.Pepper soda! Dates, cumin, nutmeg, cinnamon, a pinch of pimento berry, plum… all blended into this hot, fruit-pie-like scent.
There’s syrupy oranges, culinary herbal notes… ok it sounds ridiculously complicated but it’s totally not (if you’ve smelt things like Aziyade, Arabie etc. you’ll totally get this). The soda-vibe stays true for a while – the fruit settling a little bit as the heated spices dominate (this is where things get a little different), drying down to a dry cedar/sandalwood combo and musk. Nice enough, but it has been done, and better.

Private Label

Private Label opens with a harsh, nail-varnish leather. A raw, earthy, smoky vetiver comes in quickly and together – the combination is pretty foul. It smells black and rubbery (yes, dildo was the first word that came into my head then too), with squeaky vinyl (stop!!!), and underneath, a resinous amber (lots of labdanum), a bit of incense and other bitter greens that just make it worse and worse.
Ok, so Private Label is not for me. It’s an upfront, foul-smelling masculine fragrance that smells simplistic yet sloppy, and on my skin at least – it has no personality whatsoever. It feels like I’m wearing a “first draft”. But anyway – it finishes how it starts but quieter, and thankfully becomes relatively translucent quickly into wear. Ew!


Psychedelique has a sharp, high-pitched citrus opening that within seconds falls into a patchouli soliflore. The patchouli is similar to the patchouli in the rest of the line’s base… quite a weird one. It’s not quite gourmand, a touch metallic, fresher than expected with an unusual green-quality – camphorous and a little “sweaty”.
It’s given a cooler, more herbal feel by a dose of geranium – but gradually is warmed by the stinky amber of Amber Premier :( When this comes in my heart sinks a touch because all hope is lost and I know I can no longer attempt to enjoy this hybrid patchouli. I’m not a big fan from the beginning, but it’s interesting. But as that breathy (sulphur-like), sticky vanilla/amber creeps its way into the mix, pushing the geranium out the way, it becomes thicker, sweeter and turns a little bit “off”. I’ll stick with Borneo 1834!

I hope this post was helpful as a brief summary… some interesting stuff, but don’t consider me a fan :’) there are better example of each perfume out there already.

All fragrances 100ml $180 Jovoy Paris – Luckyscent

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27 thoughts on “Jovoy Paris – Quick Sniffs

  1. I believe that I have many of these samples untested. I did a review on Ambre Premier and was completely underwhelmed and said “a bit discordant in the way the notes blend together; I feel like they are fighting with each other” which sounds like you might agree. I only gave it 2.5 bones and never returned to the other samples and you are not making me want to. And besides, their bottles are not enticing in the least. GRRRRRR.

  2. Why did we all have these samples, but couldn’t be bothered to review them? I only know three of these, but was unimpressed.

  3. I’ve been a little burned out on ambers lately, and smelling Ambre Premier did not help. lol. The incense one was nice enough. Agreed. Up in the air on the fig one, which you see to be as well. L’enfant terrible I can’t remember. That’s probably not a good thing…Private Label I liked because I like vetiver. I wish I could unread your thoughts on it. You made me laugh. Psychedelique I was so so on. I think I’ll stick to Borneo 1834 as well. One you didn’t mention is Les Jeux sont Faits. That one has gotten the most press I think. It’s actually my least favorite so far.

    • Ambre Premier was grim :(
      I like a good vetiver too – but this was a total failure on me. For an equally obnoxious vetiver/leather that’s far more successful I’d go for Fumidus by Profumum.
      Sorry to slag it off :P As long as you like it!
      Psychedelique – the vanilla/patchouli thing works better IMO in Von Eusersdorf’s Classic Patchouli and April Aromatics Bohemian Spice – more refined. Yeh I haven’t got a sample of that, I don’t think I need one :P

  4. Frederic says:

    I’m surprised to learn that even your dildo smells so good! Private Label for me it’s a beautiful composition close to a Big Peat pure malt whiskey … but I can imagine the comparison between peat and dildo…heu…no I don’t.
    It lacks the last one: “Les Jeux sont Faits” I bought it because I’m crazy about cumin.

    • Frederic says:

      For others, I agree, they are very average and Femininité du Bois remains above Enfant Terrible even if I like it a lot, but also more expensive.

      • And Aziyade, and Arabie, and Feminite du Bois uhuh – all better :) There’s even a Beihl parfumkunstwerke that had the whole spiced fruit thing going on that was a bit better if I remember correctly. It’s nice – but there’s better yup!

    • Hahahaha! Glad to hear it works for you – it reminds me of an uglier Fumidus (which I much prefer).
      I haven’t tried the last one – I am a cumin fan, but this line isn’t working for me so I think I’ll pass :) Enjoy your bottles dude! I wish I found one that worked for me.

      • Frédéric says:

        for me the best vetiver still the MPG La Route du Vétiver and notes in the background of Fumidus are very close to it.
        I am surprised that you, an English!, Who likes some more than freaky perfumes you’re disgusted with this peat whysky typically English fragrance.
        I suggest the brand Oliver & Co especially their Vetiverus (and MOSS).
        This is a recent discovery for me and it’s just amazing.

      • Yeh I really don’t like the peaty whisky thing :( I’m not a fan of boozy notes at all actually :/ I’ll definitely hunt them out! Thanks for the heads up Frederic :)

  5. poodle says:

    The only one that sounds interesting to me is Liturgie des Heures but only because I like those incense, foresty scents. I honestly have not seen this line anywhere and I won’t actively seek out any samples of it. No lemmings here for me but great quick reviews anyway.

  6. Tarleisio says:

    Strangely enough, I recently received a sample of L’Enfant Terrible and just had to check it out right away…;) I blame the name. It was nice enough, but I happen to love, worship and adore Arabie, and this seems like a poorly orchestrated cover riff, you know? ;-)

  7. Vanessa says:

    I have had two chances to sniff these, and deffed out the second one with Undina the other day! ;-) Tbh, none of them really grabbed me though I bought a sample of the fig one in London. I got it home and decided it was a bit unrealistic compared with many of my fig scent loves, so am back to square one with the brand now!

    • Definitely! It does what many others do in different brands, but not quite as good – which is a shame… for them!
      The fig is one of the most interesting, but very irritating on my skin. Glad to see everyone agreeing with me on these! Thanks for reading Vanessa :)

  8. […] of tea, and my feelings for it strongly parallel those of Freddie from Smelly Thoughts whose brief review reads as […]

  9. emtee says:

    I can’t believe how much of a ripping Jovoy is getting here!!
    I have to strongly disagree with you all….I don’t know why you and your followers are giving them such a hard time…… Sure, I’m not claiming they are the best line out there, there is a couple duds, but also a couple of real winners. Most notably Private Label, which is an amazing fragrance…. Synthetic? Harsh? Nail varnish? Seriously??? It’s strong, beautifully done, superb quality and lasts for ages. A real stand out fragrance in general, not just for Jovoy. I can’t recommend it enough. The packaging is great too, really well presented and again, top quality!
    I know it’s only your opinion and that’s cool, but what’s the point of reviewing a whole brand where you’re thoughts are so negative? Why not just leave it? There are plenty fragrances I could slate all day long, but I’d rather focus on positively promoting brands and fragrances that I am enthusiastic about and that I would recommend to people, not the opposite.

    • I know I didn’t expect so much agreement! Haha.
      It’s not pin pointing a brand of course, none of us are that immature – it’s just when a line is consistently bad, or not to your taste, it’s unfortunate, but easier as a blogger to cram it all into one review than drag out your words for longer.
      Glad you enjoy Private Label, I’ve hearde more love for it in the community – myself though, it’s just bad – we all have different tastes though! But after trying so many hundreds of leathers and vetivers and great forest-y incense-y things, I’d have no idea why someone would choose this one? I dunno.
      Again, a disagreement on packaging :’) I tried to leave my opinions on that out at least!
      Well, my blog, both for myself and readers, would be super boring if I only wrote nice review after nice review. People trust honesty – and I like to think that’s why the few regular readers I have come here! Jovoy isn’t exactly going to be harmed by my thought out opinions on them, and I’m sure they’re selling great. If I was in charge of the Jovoy brand, and I saw a page like this though, I’d be like “shit we need to get something good out there!” – although it might be a bit too late, not sure if I’ll go hunt out the new releases :/
      If they physically weren’t worth writing about or totally forgetful, I wouldn’t write about them – the thing is, I’ve bought fragrances judged on people’s bad reviews before because I’ve thought “every reason they hate it is why it sounds amazing!!”.
      I am very enthusiastic about what I love and what I think is a beautiful piece of work :)

      • emtee says:

        OK, maybe I was a bit quick to reply…. I saw this after buying and loving Private Label so I was a bit “WTF?!” but I get where you’re coming from…..
        To be honest, PL and LdH are the only two I’m particularly interested in out the line, but that’s just my tastes…I still think most of them are good.
        Like I said, I’m really enjoying PL and I’m glad I bought it. As for there being better leathers, vetivers etc out there, you would probs know better than me. I mean, I’ve sampled a lot, but not enough to say I’ve found the best in Private Label. I’ll keep searching for new scents as always, but for now I am enjoying what I’ve found in Jovoy.

      • One thing about fragrances is never be offended by a bad review. I’ve had some of my loves totally slagged off before – I adore Orange Star by Tauer for example, I sent Steve at The Scented Hound a smidge and he gave it a “One bone” review – the least possible! Haha. It’s all part of the fun :)
        Definitely enjoy it, I don’t doubt for a second it smells great on you.

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