The First Response to Smellythoughts’ Blind Sniff 2013!

Well! Fumerie Hilaire (Freddie) was the first to tackle my blind sniff challenge (Oh and apologies for the lack of posting I’ve been so into this YouTube blind sniff that I had abandoned my blog for a few days!).
Here’s his video – a little long, but very fun to watch :D

I’d like to say also that Freddie, just today, figured out what “Power” was – and is so close to figuring out “Stone” I’m on the edge of my seat waiting for him to say it!
He’s also figured out “Spirit” much better than I could of but I’m worried that the uber-niche-ness of it may make it difficult to guess – he’s got all the accords right though!

But yeh, I can’t name what “Power” is on here yet just incase Raj has a snoop around and finds out ;)

But enjoy guys! New reviews to come soon – I’m up to my neck in things to write about!

Freddie xxx

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4 thoughts on “The First Response to Smellythoughts’ Blind Sniff 2013!

  1. So much fun to watch! I didn’t think it was long. I watched the whole thing easily! I can’t wait for the reveal, Freddie.

    • A lot of people are put off by long videos (18 minutes) I mean, but definitely easy to watch :D and fun! Glad you enjoyed it bacon :) Raj has promised to load his this weekend, can’t wait to hear his impressions.

  2. rictor07 says:

    Way to have a book entitled “Porno” just over your left shoulder Freddie.

    Sweat sounds truly vile. I think it actually gave him a mini seizure towards the end there.
    Power sounds like it might be the most approachable of the five.

    • :’) I noticed that too! Hahaha.
      Me and Freddie were discussing Sweat last night – I wore it too as he was picking some things out.
      Fascinating doing these blind sniffs as I learnt more about these fragrances than I knew before! Having owned them for a while, I don’t think about them any more.
      We both agreed there’s a non-listed dominating peach note (osmanthus?) – and the entire compositions smells like a slightly gone-off fruit trifle. Literally, it smells so much like trifle I can’t believe I hadn’t noticed before… I hate trifle! Also I learnt that when Sweat gets wet (I showered it off) – it smells just like vomit :) <3 Beautiful hahahaha.

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