YouTube Video: Smellythoughts’ Blind Sniff!

Hey guys – quick update!
I’m doing a little blind sniff thing with two other local reviewers (London and Dublin) – sending them a little sample set to get their nose on.
Here’s the introductory video (excuse my tipsy-ness), and be sure to keep a track on their channels for updates! Should be fun :D
Hope everyone is keeping well

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10 thoughts on “YouTube Video: Smellythoughts’ Blind Sniff!

  1. poodle says:

    There’s not much that’s helping to get me through this week. At work they just let someone pretty high up the food chain go so everyone is once again concerned for their jobs. My only motivator is to stay off the radar and get to the end of my workday without any drama. That’s seems kinda sad now that I read it. As far as perfumes, I bought a Smell Bent sample set because everyone seems to love them. I’ve renamed 3 scents Gone in 160 Seconds and the 4th I call 15 minutes of Fame. Zero lasting power on me. Those are in the pile to swap now.

    • Oh no poodle that’s not good! I didn’t get that with any of them!! The shortest lasting ones on more were about 4 hours. I get a good working day out of most :(
      That sucks. Did you like it whilst it lasted or was it all a bust?
      Sorry to hear things suck at the minute <3 (((((poodle)))))

      • poodle says:

        I did like them for the few minutes they were there. I might try them on a cooler day and see if that helps.

  2. lucasai says:

    Interesting project. I’m sure it’s gonna be funny.

  3. Preconceptions? ;-)

    Loved this, Freddie! Looking forward to the updates!

  4. rictor07 says:

    Are singapore slings a popular drink there? I have never heard anyone order it in a bar here and i have never had one myself. Anyway, you’re giving your friends a long time to sniff. 2-3 weeks? Im not that patient, but i guess i will stay tuned anyway.

    • Not really ha, but we have a great cocktail bar in town – I actually feel boring ordering a Singapore Sling from the menu but there we go :’)
      It is a long time, but on top of work and whatever else they choose to do in their evenings, I think the short time they’ll spend each day, if that, on the fragrances, will still not give them enough time to figure them out. I think 3 fragrances over 2 weeks would have been plenty but still. At the end of the day, it’s trying to figure out one fragrance in thousands.
      One is pretty much is a soliflore, for example, it’ll be almost impossible to identify but interesting to hear responses :) I’m looking forward to their first vids!

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