Smell Bent – Walk Of Shame & Mocktail

Hey guys :) Have been pretty busy recently so sorry for the lack of updates.
Anyway! I ordered two bottles from the Smell Bent sale and they arrived the other day :)
One was Dead of Winter which I reviewed before (a great anise with vanilla, musks, heliotrope and a white-chocolate-vibe) and Walk Of Shame (a blind buy). Walk of Shame is described on the Smell Bent website as:
“overcast skies, the chill of cold concrete, a waft of bodega blossoms and a bit of morning-after musk”. The few reviews I’d read had described it as safe – slightly minty, with a hint of floral-soap – generally clean. So I wasn’t expected an avant-garde beast of a thing like it sounds don’t worry :) But I do really like it!…
Mocktail is a sample I got with the order…

Walk Of Shame

Walk Of Shame opens with a subtle pink pepper, an almost aquatic carnation (translucent clove-y floral), a chlorine-like, muted mint… and a similar vinyl accord to Skai by Comme Des Garcons. OK, so it sounds crazy – but it’s not. It’s a subtle, almost ozonic spice – cool, slightly mentholated – a touch of smoke… but thankfully has underneath it a sweet, cream of something that bulks it out just a touch – it’s minimal from the get-go, and a little mysterious (the kind of thing you’d ask someone for an opinion on and they’d have no idea what to say…).

It’s one of those fragrances with such muted topnotes it smells from the start like it’s been on your skin for hours. I don’t normally like that – but having read reviews on this one, I expected it to be a subtle musky thing not too dissimilar to what I expected from Commando (but instead got a powerfully sweet, animalic musk that I love!).

Walk Of Shame gets sweeter as it goes on, the pepper and carnation tame down considerably, the mint is “just there”. If anything it reminds me a little of The Smell Of Weather Turning by Lush (although that was unbearably loud on my skin – something rare!) – it has the same damp, slightly smoky, other-worldly feel that is hard to pull apart.
The concrete accord? Only in the same way that people claim Narciso Rodriguez For Him has (a touch of violet leaf?) – but yet again, that one was horrifically strong (and all-round gross). I don’t really get it – unless I try to…

I think I get touches of saffron, a little suede, and a heavy tonka-laden musk in the base. The suede as I read somewhere else online (and agree with), has a Tom Of Finland by ELdO feel to it. Very soft, very safe – it’s more of a sensation than a smell – something I’ve wanted for far too long in my wardrobe. It begins to smell like last-night’s cologne (or someone elses) over warm skin, slightly diluted by a cucumber note… I know it doesn’t sound like me… it isn’t… but the subtly unique combination is something that I’ll wear a ton :) <3 Nice one!


Mocktail opens kind of hideous… I get a similar, plasticky, very-loud fruit bundle to the peach in Saddle Warmer. Quickly undercut by a ton of sour, bitter citrus fruits (blood orange, apple, maybe a touch of pineapple?). Hugely synthetic and intense – it throws itself off the skin with an almost aldehydic-intensity. I have no idea what I’m smelling underneath but something is soiling Mocktail – it smells like rot.

There’s a cleaning-product-style lemon piercing the top of Mocktail that drags right through to the heart. If you’re enjoying the citrus accord then you’re lucky because it’s sticking around for a hell of a long time (a feat in itself!).
Underneath is an unidentifiable bitter resin and woody accord that smells like a mixture of harsh, heated plastic, and fuel. The painful thing about this review is that I sound like one of those people on Fragrantica who use the most immature, idiotic descriptions about a perfectly fine fragrance… this is hard to describe though.

At times, I think I kindda get on with it! I get glimpses of it from afar when it smells like being on holiday, arriving at the airport in some sunny country. At these points I get bitter orange, plastic and strong dry woods – then up-close I get the chemical experiment that I struggle to keep on my skin.
As it begins to settle it gets a little musky, a little sweeter (tonka again?), with this bizarre dried wood that doesn’t quite smell like cedar – and a very, very bitter amber – all wrapped in an unmistakable burnt-plastic smell. Interesting, but not for me :)

Oh and just to brighten the post a bit more – I’ve been super busy tattooing this week booking in a lot of my own designs, so, hope you like ‘em!

Freddie Albrighton Tattoo

Freddie Albrighton Tattoo

Freddie Albrighton Tattoo

Freddie Albrighton Tattoo

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13 thoughts on “Smell Bent – Walk Of Shame & Mocktail

  1. poodle says:

    I haven’t tried any of the Smell Bent scents yet. Walk of Shame sounds interesting as do some of the others if for nothing else than their great names. These seem a bit tame and subdued for you so I’m surprised you like them. Actually, your review has made me want to try The Smell of Weather Turning by Lush. Loud doesn’t always mean long lasting but with my skin it’s worth a shot. I will make an effort to try the Smell Bents too. The names are fun and the price point is nice too.
    I appreciate the artwork and skill in tattooing but all I can think of is “ouch, that had to hurt.”

    • :O You must! They’re great fun.
      Mocktail is definitely not tame or subdued! But Walk Of Shame definitely is – still, it’s something I’ve wanted in my collection for ages (in feel) – just lucky that I like the smell of it too! Really unusual… whilst not being unusual at all. Weird.
      TSoWT by Lush was intense!!! Hard work for me. If you have trouble with longevity most of the oldschool Lush perfumes were extremely loud and long lasting with some beauties amongst them.

  2. Frederic says:

    Mocktail doesn’t exist anymore in the orderable one, but i’ve asked gently to Brent to have one of his old composition and he sent it to me. (he’s sexy+nice…good coktail)

  3. I love the Smell Bent line. Such good fragrances and so affordable. Plus the Brent is the nicest person ever and I love supporting people like that.

    Tattoos looks terrific! Those lines must be hard to do!

    • Definitely!! <3
      Aw thank you – yeh I'm getting much neater and sharper with my work, very exciting! It's hard to work with the skin more than anything – constantly trying to stretch it and control your depth and speed… it's so tiring!

      • I’m sure! I’m sure you have to be very careful because people wiggle around a lot even when they are trying to sit still. In any case, it’s very impressive Freddie!

  4. I met Brent at Elements in NYC last year–such a doll! I was a bit overwhelmed by the selection he brought, so I can’t say I recall which ones I liked in particular. But his line does have a fun, Pop Art sensibility that reminds me a bit of Etat Libre d’Orange’s irreverence. I will definitely try to get my hands on Walk of Shame–love the idea of minty smoke!

    • I am unbelievably envious – I must say I have a touch of a crush on him :’) hahaha.
      Minty smoke – but sweet and dense, and almost “not there” if that makes sense… I really like it!
      But yeh, totally get what you mean, what he’s doing with his brand and the fun advertising and packaging, should be a turn off but it makes me love it more – I always find myself getting drawn back to his site every few months for something totally refreshing.

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