Update from Freddie :)

Hey guys hope everyone is keeping well.
Been working on some new YouTube vids – which got kindda wasted because my video editing software has just all failed on me for no reason – majorly sucks.
Anyway – got tons of reviews coming up I just need to manage my blog, the YouTube channel, and the masses of work I’ve got to draw up for people at work! Thought I’d brighten the post with a new picture for my About Me section (lemme know what you think!) – and a really cute tattoo I did on my friend Laura yesterday at work (off topic I know sorry but gotta give you something to look at here).

Octopus Cartoon Tattoo

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12 thoughts on “Update from Freddie :)

  1. Dear Freddy
    An artist?
    One knew you must be, and here is the proof positive!
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy
    PostScript Good luck with all the work…

  2. Melis says:

    Hey Freddie, that is a great picture of you! I really enjoyed the watercolour work you posted months ago and I am now amazed by your versatility with your most recent work. Pssssst……..I celebrated a birthday recently, finally Rubj will be mine!!!(insert maniacal laugh)

    • Aw thanks Melis! I have improved a lot since then – but I just thought this thing was real cute, I drew it out for her a few weeks back and she finally got it done <3 She called it "Donna" :') Hahaha.
      OH fantastic :D Awesome choice, I love my bottle so much I'd hate to be without it. It blew my mind when I read parts of Kafka's recent review on Rubj where she described it as smelling like "unwashed genitals" Hahaha. On me it's far fresher than that. Ah well. Enjoy your new purchase you couldn't have picked better! :D

      • Melis says:

        Oh my…….unwashed genitals. It is sunshine and warmth on my skin, thankfully. I am also considering the women’s Frederic Malle coffret or Ormonde Jayne discovery set. I have sampled quite a few from FM and what’s not to like?? The only perfume I have sampled from OJ is Ormonde Woman and it is beautiful yet strange. Just how I like my perfume, lol. But I am not sure I will find that in the rest of her line.

      • I know right! Same here :D <3
        Mmmm nice – you're right there's lots to love in the Malle line up – although there's only a few I'd like to wear (and do).
        You're right, the rest of the Ormonde Jayne line up is definitely not strange – but very nice. It's a safe collection of fragrances, but each one is brilliantly balanced. I'm a fan!

  3. Just a thought: would you ever tattoo yourself with a picture of your favourite perfume bottle? And is it possible to impregnate that tattoo with that very perfume? ;)

    • Great minds think alike haha. I’ve thought about this. I designed a tattoo for a side of my leg of the big crystal Guerlain bee bottle, with honeycomb behind it and lots of bees… but to be honest I’m not a gigantic Guerlain fan so it’d be a bit of a waste. Still, I’m definitely gonna get a big perfume bottle. I don’t tattoo myself any more because it hurts :’) and I’m too lazy to put up with it haha. I’d rather someone else do it – they work the ink in harder you know. I’m not too sure how good for your skin it would be pushing essential oils and alcohol into yourself :P Maybe worth a shot though – not that it would do anything afterwords, the thought is nice though haha – maybe it’d smell for a few weeks!

      • Hmmm, perhaps you could start a business where you create temporary tattoos that would match whatever SOTD someone is wearing! I’d totally be in for that :D

      • Sounds like a lot of pain just to let someone know what your perfume is :P Hahaha.
        I think it’ll be hard to decide on a bottle for the tattoo – I don’t wanna scream that I love a brand you know. I guess it’ll just have to be a standard classical pump bottle – surrounded by lots of gardenias and lilies and stuff <3 puuuuurty.

  4. Irina says:

    That is a gorgeous tattoo, thanks for sharing Freddie! :)

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