Tindrer – Magnetic Scent


Tindrer opens immediately as a violet, but cut with a green, vegetal number of accords that remind me of green peppers, wet soil, cypress, clove, a touch of mint, and a handful of culinary herbs that have a spicy/heat to them. Damp and dewy, the violet is both candied and light, whilst also resembling the actual flower and the earth with it – soiled, heady with a subtle, bitter edge. Brilliant!

The texture of the opening to heart is fantastic: dense, yet almost translucent, filled by a “fatty”, aquatic layer that only slightly resembles a touch of melon-like calone, but more a vegetal water, maybe slightly “figgy” – stemone? It does bring to mind a similar concept and execution to Un Matin D’Orage by Annick Goutal, although Tindrer is denser and more intense, pushing forward harder with the green notes, allowing anything soiled, fungal or vegetal to come to the surface if it wants to. It sounds much less refined than the Goutal, but it’s not, it’s more… raw?

The violet continues to lead, with a pretty hefty dose of heliotrope, a hint of carnation  and maybe just a smidge of jasmine (a mere indolic smidge). The greenery from the opening still perfectly balanced, if not a touch jarring at times, pairs with the florals harmoniously – some marine-heavy ambergris underneath supporting everything. I say “marine-heavy” because a driftwood-like bilgey note (only not at all as rotted as it sounds) seems to sit in the base, maybe adding that mirage of aquatic translucency to the top… I’m not sure :) But it’s definitely very salty, bringing to mind the salty/musk/violet combo of Dans Tes Bras (which I love).

A cedar wood in the base (which reminds me of the vegetal, almost banana-skin pungency of the cedar in Smell Bent’s Totem Eclipse), adds a little more substance, and whilst this all sounds extremely heavy and overwhelming – the translucency and thick aquatic quality still persists… it’s nowhere near as heavy as it sounds… kinda…

Tindrer is a complicated one: a kind of mash-up of fragrances I seem to have smelt before but compiled into something which doesn’t smell like anything else. I really, really like this take on a green violet – and it just further pushes forward my point of – go sample Spyros’ work! Magnetic Scent is a small, solid collection of brilliantly unique fragrances :D <3

Tindrer 50ml EDP Magnetic Scent – 110 Euros http://www.magnetic-scent.com

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7 thoughts on “Tindrer – Magnetic Scent

  1. lucasai says:

    unfortunately I had to wash it off almost immediately after spraying

  2. Cymbaline says:

    Hi Freddie, I just returned from a few days in Reykjavik (Iceland) and trying to decide which perfume decants to add to the already overflowing bag of toiletries was almost impossible! I mean really- I had no idea which perfumes would work in such a unique environment?! I recently ordered samples of MS Indigo and Tindrer and Tindrer made the ‘Icelandic’ cut, it’s a strange perfume in the same way that Iceland is a strange country – rough, rustic, marine and green and very unique. I loved Iceland and Tindrer together! Now, I just need to try to wrap my nose around Indigo! That’s another ‘strange” perfume that’s going to take some effort to figure out whether I like it or not.

    The other perfume that worked beautifully in Iceland was Moss Gown from Providence Perfume Co. : ) (lots of moss and lichens in Iceland)

    Thanks for the heads-up on Magnetic Scents!

    • Sounds incredible Cymbaline, and great choice on the Tindrer. Unusual that you go for the kind of, natural approach for cold weather with fir and greenery and such – I’d need something like Ambra Nera to warm me up in sticky, sweet, labdanum-laden smoke!
      Indigo is my favourite of the line, it is definitely a strange one. It takes some figuring out but it’s a complicated beauty of a thing! :D
      Thanks for getting in touch Cymbaline and great to read more love for the line.

  3. Cymbaline says:

    Believe me, I own more than my fair share of warm, cuddley ambers and they do get a lot of wear-time, but winter is my favorite season because of its stark harshness, which is probably why I was drawn to Iceland – in February! I loved the challenge of trying perfumes that would match rather than counteract that feeling. : )

    In your latest video post on Magnetic Scent perfumes you mentioned wanting to try The Unicorn Spell in order to compare it to Tindrer. I’ll leave you to work your review magic about the two of them in a future post, but my description would be that The Unicorn Spell is the delicate silvery violet of the ancient – but seriously “civilzed” elvish Rivendell in J. R. R. Tolkein’s Lord of the Rings while Tindrer is a dark violet carried on an ocean beeze straight off the pages of wonderfully complicated Norse saga!

    • Oh dear, I think you’ve put me off :P Hahaha. I don’t feel I need to try any other green violets after this one anyway! Surely it can’t get much better and more accurate?

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