Video: SMELLYTHOUGHTS’ on JAR Perfumes

So guys, this is the last video I’m posting on my blog – it’s mainly a post to say that sorry for clogging up your feeds with these :P I hope at least a few of you will find your way to YouTube to keep an eye on my page there and subscribe for regular updates!
I hope that I can keep this page fully updated with more regular writing for you guys, I’m sorry for the slow start to the year – things have been busy busy busy!

Thanks for everyone’s support, and the link to┬ámy YouTube account is:

And also the YouTube Videos page at the top of my blog will link you directly to each video :) (including ones in the future)

Love to all

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13 thoughts on “Video: SMELLYTHOUGHTS’ on JAR Perfumes

  1. Melis says:

    Freddie, yet again you have me laughing out loud with your videos (nits). Pure entertainment I tell you! :) Love the part when you repeatedly sniffed Jarling. I have yet to try any of the fragrances. Dragging my heels due to the price and availability. What if I LOVE one of them?!!

    I also like the smell of lilac (surprise, surprise… as it is one of the few flowers that will bloom in the climate where I reside in Canada. Interesting to note that you and I were both underwhelmed by En Passant. A beautiful fragrance just not challenging enough pour moi.

    I will look for your videos on YouTube in the future.

    • Aww thank you Melis :D Had a message from someone on YouTube saying they didn’t like the JAR video :’) Can’t please everyone haha. Glad some of you guys like them, I’m slowly getting more fluent with the YouTube thing – something to keep me busy anyway.
      As weird as it sounds, I can’t love any of them fully because, the brand is so secretive and impersonal, it’s a big turn off for me.
      En Passant at first I thought was charming, but very very quickly became super boring.
      Thanks for the support as always <3

  2. poodle says:

    Great video Freddie but I won’t be sniffing these anytime soon. Waaaay out of the price range I’m comfortable with. The carnation ones sound lovely. With those prices though they’d have to be some kind of magic potion and do something other than just smell lovely for me to want them. I suppose they could melt away the pounds because if I bought any I’d have no money for food. ;)

    • Aw thank you poodle!
      Definitely, scary prices :(
      They’re not magic potion unfortunately, just nice to sniff and some interesting combinations. I need something more too!

  3. lucasai says:

    Yaay, another video. I’ve heard of JAR fragrances but never tried a single one. As far as I know their price tag is really high.
    You made me giggle when you told that the perfume smells like hamburger!

  4. So, now I’m really going to have to track down that hidden boutique in Bergdorf’s this weekend, aren’t I? LOL. God forbid I fall in love with one of them… ;)

    • :P Be sure to let me know which one takes your fancy! At least now you know what to expect with each of them, the fun will be identifying them! :P
      Thanks for watching Keith!

  5. I think I’m going to have to start calling you a “Jarhead” ;) I am now a subscriber to your you tube site… but I hope that you continue to blog away too! Is this the start of a perfume empire?

    • Haha! Owww, I like JAR, but it’s not love :P
      Thanks Houndy I appreciate that!
      I will do, the videos are just a sideline to keep me doing something new and exciting (for me at least) :’)

  6. Anthony says:

    Hi! I did the little Bergdorf purple room intro to JAR fragrances a few years back and Bolt of Lightning (which is actually just a bolt of lightning on the bottle sort of like the artist Prince used to go by that strange symbol years ago haha) arrested my lungs and didn’t let go. The way the JAR associate let the scent waft up to me from the silk cloth, I felt the room and atmosphere seem to shift, and a humid feeling took over my surroundings (I’ve said before it’s like the breath of an animal in presence). My problem with BOL is that it goes flat too soon on my skin. Does this happen to you? I wear it from time to time and when I open the vial it takes over the atmosphere around me as it did the first time, but after about 15 minutes on my skin, something happens and all of the gorgeous stormy twiggy leafy vegetal earth turns into a mushy almost bubble gummy tuberose. I love tuberose but I wish BOL kept that feeling of walking around in a disastrous storm system for a lot longer. Still, if I had the money, I’d buy a full bottle no questions asked. I’m glad though to have a little vial of it just to sniff whenever I feel the need. It’s surprisingly enough to keep me satisfied. I actually prefer it in the vial than on me :)

    Jardenia. Whoah. Cheesy mushroomy gardenia madness. But I couldn’t agree more. It’s just that and stays that way forever which is a feat in itself I suppose. Another one I’d love to have if finances were different :)

    Those are the only two samples I’ve sprung for since they are really expensive for even a few drops. I remember them all very well as being almost alien concoctions. I really want to get the rest to refresh my memory. They are all really special in my opinion.

    Thanks as always for the write-up, Freddie :)

    • Wow that sounds like an amazing experience. You need a bottle! Haha.
      I wouldn’t say it falls flat on me, and it definitely doesn’t turn “buttery”, but it goes very quiet and low key in comparison to the opening – similar to Tubereuse Criminelle by Serge Lutens which starts with a bang and then settles – although even that drags the opening well into the heart.
      I find the drydown quite similar to Jardenia, that mushroom note makes a brief appearance, and the crisp green tuberose smells like it’s “from a distance” – it reminds me a little of the abstract portrait of gardenias in Un Matin D’Orage but with tuberose.
      Even though I do “love” a couple of these, how removed they are from the public in the sense that, you learn nothing about the motives behind the perfumes, the perfumers intentions, the story behind them, blah blah blah, does honestly put me off rather than motivate me to feel emotional towards them. I find them heartless, and not in an abstract avant-garde way. I don’t think I’ll ever own one :(

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