Untitled #2 – Magnetic Scent

It’s about time I continued writing about this line. I am still swooning over Indigo – it’ll probably be my first purchase of 2013 (when I can afford another bottle after the end of my 2012 splurge!)…

Untitled 2

Arghhghghgh!!! Oh my god it’s amazing!
Untitled #2 has one of the best gourmand openings I’ve ever smelt… maybe THE best. It’s a burst of gingerbread, cinnamon, clove, cocoa and hot milk – all coming out at once. At first, a photo-realistic chai latte with the sprinkling of cinnamon dust on top tickling your nose. The sweetened milk (with a hint of cardamom?) underneath is warm, slightly congealed, cloying in the best possible way.

The cocoa, although paired with the milk, isn’t quite the chocolate milkshake of Musc Maori, but it is instead a little more bitter – like a great quality cocoa powder – think Borneo 1834.
The sweetness and gourmand aspects do calm down as a rose comes in and I’m really thankful to find at least one floral note in here. The cocoa/rose combination reminds me more of Santal Majascule compared to 100% Love (Rose Rebelle)… In fact, Untitled #2 reminds me of Santal Majascule meets Une Crime Exotique, with a smidge of Musc Maori… does that make sense? If you can imagine that then you can picture this perfectly!

Ok so the only downside to this is, as with Une Crime Exotique (and most fragrances that experiment with festive scents, culinary spices paired with gourmand notes), Untitled #2 verges on “Yankee Candle” territory – at times smelling completely delicious, at others like something I want my home to smell like at Christmas. The rose, sandalwood, vanilla – thankfully pull these lovely spices and festive-beverage-references into more “perfume” territory… but only just!

As it begins to drydown and the sweet, dry woods begin to lead, Untitled #2 finally de-sweetens and sits on the skin in a light, dusty – subtly spiced layer. No longer is it the sweet frothy chai latte of the opening but a much more refined and still interesting fragrance to wear.
Captivating from start to finish – a standout gourmand, hugely recommended.

Untitled #2 50ml Magnetic Scent – 110 Euros http://www.magnetic-scent.com

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18 thoughts on “Untitled #2 – Magnetic Scent

  1. laniersmith says:

    I am so happy you have found a new love in 2013! Great review as always. It sounds…dare I say, yummy?

    • Yes! Yummy is a great word. Gourmands aren’t always my thing – but they’re undoutably enjoyable, this is just a damn good one that turns more perfumey as it goes on so doesn’t get tiring – a perfect development! :)

  2. Sounds yummy, but not so yummy that it tips into Yankee Candledom! You’re a hoot, you know that :-)

  3. Ines says:

    Ooooh, that sounds great! :) I don’t mind smelling like Christmas. ;)
    And UCE somehow doesn’t really work for me anymore.

  4. poodle says:

    This sounds delicious. I wish it had a better name.
    I got the samples yesterday that you sent. I can’t wait to start trying them. Where to begin? That is the question.

  5. lucasai says:

    Now I need to check out that sample I got from Spyros to see if my impressions will be close to yours.

  6. The first new purchase of the year….I was pulled in completely by your passion and excitement until you got to YANKEE CANDLE COMPANY! Ughhhh, Any reference to that store and what it smells like is like kryptonite for me…I am hoping that you were just using poetic license. xoxoxox Steve

    • I meant Indigo will be :P But this is very good too! Don’t know if I NEED another gourmand just yet though.
      Owww, well, be sure to sniff this is if you get the chance (and the rest of the line) – best new things I’ve smelt in ages. xx

  7. Undina says:

    It sounds like an interesting scent which I wouldn’t mind testing but I’m not sure if I’d like wearing it as a perfume: I might, I might not – I still do not know what appeals to me in gourmand perfumes vs. repel from them.

    But what with all that “untitled” nonsense? For EUR11/50 ml they couldn’t come up with a real name? ;)

    • Apparently the perfumer said that the Untitled series, are fragrances that are almost experiments, obviously completed perfumes, but things that are maybe a little more experimental, so remain untitled. Still not convinced me, I think it should be given a solid name – bite the bullet and make it a permanent fragrance in the lineup. But there we go – Magnetic Scent is an awesome brand, I see huge things for them in the future, everything I’ve tried so far has been truly outstanding :D
      I know what you mean about the gourmand thing thought – I adore Musc Maori and love to wear it, but so so many people who have tried it when sniffing my collection have literally been repulsed by it. I don’t get it! Haha.
      What gourmands have you enjoyed Undina?

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