Barcelona – La Bella Figura

La Bella Figura is a new natural fragrance brand that so far have made a collection of three perfume oils. After I have written about them all, I’ll be hosting a giveaway of a sample set so keep those eyes and noses peeled!

Barcelona opens with a prickly pink pepper and a lemon/orange juice-laden combo. Citric and spicy with that mouthwatering appeal that Azemour Les Oranges also has in it’s great opening. The citrus has a resinous quality to it, and I’m guessing there may be a hint of orange blossom underneath – creating a floral/resin density under the fruit. The lemon is sweet and rich – not at all reminiscent of disinfectant – it’s undercut with a hint of bitter greenery and smells like the entire fruit, rind and all.

The subtle floral aromas in the background seem to be a combination of the natural citrus’ themselves (wild orange is listed which can often have a slight floral aroma), but also the suspected orange blossom and maybe even a hint of osmanthus and jasmine? The rich resinous quality underneath, along with the scent of fresh green leaves keeps the citrus’ grounded and full of life. This combination of citrus and light florals lasts far longer than expected, the sun-bathed opening continuing all through the heart – bright, summery and with a gorgeous light texture on the skin.

Barcelona’s resinous notes smooth out a little more as a beeswax comes in, and turns the texture, well…waxy. The waxy citrus fruits and florals stay true to their freshness – and a smidge of bitter greenery (oakmoss?) and smooth woods sit in the base. Although the development is relatively linear, I enjoy Barcelona start to finish and is one of the most lovely citrus fragrances I’ve tried in a long time. It’s simplistic, clean, benefitting greatly from its oil presentation – and just really good to wear. It’s nothing complicated or challenging – but not everything needs to be, and this is a lovely example of how simplicity can be executed with charm :)

Barcelona .25oz Oil La Bella Figura – $90

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8 thoughts on “Barcelona – La Bella Figura

  1. I met these girls at the Elements showcase in New York. The nicest, sweetest, most stylish bunch ever! I loved all three perfume oils and am glad to see them get more attention. Buenos Aires was my favorite of the three initially, but after hearing that Paris was meant to evoke thyme-scented roasted chicken, the cook in me had to change her mind!

    • Oh, wait. Tarragon, not thyme. Thyme is what I put in my own chicken!

      • I knew tarragon was in it! I mistook it for fennel initially – I did the same in Aftelier’s new Wild Roses (how I became familiar with the tarragon note) – was surprised not to see any anise notes in the notes list provided, it came out most potent on my skin. Lovely stuff :D

    • Haha! Yay I’m glad to read you’ve tried them too. I really like all three as well – can’t wait to try their upcoming releases :D Thrilled to hear they’re a lovely bunch too! Figured that one out through recent conversations though :) Really pleased the line is so nice.

  2. lucasai says:

    Sounds interesting

  3. laniersmith says:

    Sometimes it is refreshing to not be complicated or challenged. This sound like just the thing.

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