Lys Du Desert – Decennial

Decennial is a new line launched to celebrate the ten year anniversary of Luckyscent. Lys Du Desert was created by Andy Tauer of Tauer Perfumes for the line…

Lys Du Desert opens almost identical (but toned down) to both Tauer’s Orange Star and Eau D’Epices. A rich, aldehydic orange marmalade and cardamom spice. It feels like a perfect harmony between the two, where Orange Star quickly brought on a soapy orange blossom and Eau D’Epices’ spices were nose piercingly intense, this balance is what the opening to either should have been if they wanted to be more acceptable – and I find it easier to wear than either.

The lily, is extremely subtle at first, gaining a little strength as time goes on – it’s presence only recognized by a subtle hint of floral clove and a crisp, green/white accord underneath – paired with a traditionally Tauer rose.  The lily’s bizarre metallic/sappy quality is identical to the lily in Tauer’s Carillon Pour Un Ange – a fragrance I really enjoy, but struggle with so much. The florals, as I said, are sublte – warmed and overwhelmed by an already pungent Tauer-ade underneath.

The Tauer-ade underneath is undoubtably familiar, a L’Air Du Desert Marocain (but slightly lighter) clone of warm amber, incense, dry cedar wood and ambergris – made a little more delicate by a slightly powdery scattering of iris. It’s very nice, but I have a little problem – it smells like a bit of a mashup of numerous scents in the Tauer Classics line that I can’t help but think that this fragrance is maybe a previous, alternative formula for an already completed fragrance in Tauer’s house, given new life by a brand willing to take it on?

Tauer is doing amazing new things at the moment – taking unexpected directions starting with Zeta, followed by the Pentachord trio and now the outstanding Miriam and the lovely oily floral that is Loretta… I’m not to sure why he’d produce something that smells so familiar with numerous other fragrances he has created? Is Lys Du Desert made from scratch? Now, I really like Lys Du Desert – it is completely harmonious, a glorious identifiable Tauer fragrance with the citrus marmalade of his that I absolutely adore, and that exotic drydown which us fans have grown to crave. In all honesty, without the knowledge that this is a lily, I may have only picked up on a hint of rose and iris. It’s all rich citrus spices and warm desert air – what has been done throughout his line from years ago.

Lys Du Desert gets lighter on the skin as it settles, gaining a translucency and “air” along with a trail of sweetness from the amber. Whilst I love the smell of it – I feel like I have smelt it before, numerous times. Recommended for those who didn’t like the soapy orange blossom of Orange Star (although it is still slightly present here) – or the brilliantly dusty and bitter-sweet spice basket of Eau D’Epices. I’d love to hear a bit more about this fragrance from the man himself! :)

Update 08/12/12: Well… I did hear more about this fragrance from the man himself!

Lys Du Desert 75ml Decennial – $150

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16 thoughts on “Lys Du Desert – Decennial

  1. Ursula says:

    Hi, I have ordered this blind based on a couple of comments on that Basenotes topic. I am glad that you reviewed it here very thoroughly. Reading along, I cannot wait for it to arrive in the mail, it seems to be – let’s see whether that is true – just my thing.
    So what if it were an unfinished specimen, originally intended to become one of his current line ? That does not matter to me. He is a good “cook” and “all his dishes are very tasty to me”, I mean almost all. That Tauer-ade is scrumptious.

    • I was very close to blind buying this too. It doesn’t smell unfinished, so I hope it didn’t come across that way – I just don’t believe it was made from scratch. It just seems likely it could have been like “Between sample A or sample B for the final Orange Star” and he went for A and this is B – neither is better, they’re far too similar to not like one and love the other.
      It’s good, as a Tauer fan like me, you can’t not like his stuff! :P I just really hoped for a desert lily like it promised – something brand new and exciting inspired by his recent experiments with Tableau De Parfums and the like. Please post back with your thoughts when it arrives!

  2. lucasai says:

    Glad you like those Tauer creations so much. I have extreme feeling for his fragrances. Some are very positive, some are not.

    Got news for you! Reverie au Jardin review is scheduled for tomorrow. You’re gonna love it.

    • I do, I love his work – can’t wait to meet him in December, gonna grill him on this one! :P
      Haha, I’m glad you’re enjoy that so much :)

      • lucasai says:

        Do you have a scheduled appointment with mr Tauer? Or is he guest visiting one of the stores nearby you?

      • I’m in Zurich at the end of the year – we’ve arranged to meet and have some drinks and a chat, doing the same with Vero Kern a few days after. Hope she confirms again!
        Got a big European tour at the end of the year, shopping galore and fill my fragrant mind with everything the captial cities have to offer!

      • lucasai says:

        Wow, lucky guy!
        Was it difficult to reach them and convince to agree for a meeting?
        You’ll have a lot of fun. You’ll get quite close to Poland at the same time ;)
        I’m sure your shopping galore will be something big. I don’t work and have no big funds.
        Still I’m gonna finally visit London next year I hope.

      • Can’t wait! :D Berlin>>Zurich>>Paris>>Rome all in two weeks! Haha. I know yeh haha, gonna be so broke when I return D:
        Ahhh wicked! Let me know when you’re planning to visit of course :P I’ll give you a perfumed guided tour!

      • lucasai says:

        Wow! That’s a nice trip! I’ve been to Berlin this October.
        If my London trip won’t work then I’ll go to other continental Europe metropoly – Paris, Brussel or Berlin Again.

        I’ll remember about your offer. G-nite! Talk to you tomorrow

  3. Sounds SO good. i do love me a Tauer. Will the softening make it less desirable to the Tauer-ists that love to be bombarded and is Andy growing more civilised?
    Portia x

    • Nope not at all – as I said, this practically IS Orange Star, with a little less orange blossom. The iris softens it a bit, but he’s used it before – by the slight translucency, I mean in the style of Incense Extreme – you know how it gains that slight sense of weightlessness despite it still being dense? Hard to describe. It’s light on the skin, but not at all more civilized or “tame”. It’s a full blown Tauer :) Just unfortunately not a big bold Tauerade laden lily as I’d hoped.

  4. TheChandos says:

    I completely agree with your review except that I found the lily to be a lot stronger and the whole reminded me more of Carillon pour un Ange but a lean towards l’Air du Desert and d’Epices. You obviously found that middle ground between Epices and Orange Star like I did – and for me that was a triumph – but the drydown was much too much like Carillion. And of course the bottom line being that if you’re a Tauer fan, you already have these, so don’t waste your money, unless you’re looking to “consolidate.” Not a bad idea, actually.

    • You know what reading back through my review I thought I’d mentioned Carillon Pour Un Ange – it’s the exact same lily note, but I found Carillon far more… I don’t know how to describe it, I found it really challenging. I’ll add that little reference in my review so thanks for reminding me! I’m thrilled you’ve read this and sniffed Lys Du Desert and agree! It’s a shame really, I hoped for something completely new but got a pure mashup of everything in his line. I can’t imagine him in his current “high” of experimentation taking such a big step back and replicated his older work in order to move forward, so my thoughts are still with – previous formula :P
      Thanks for commenting!

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