Youtube Video: Favourite Tuberose Fragrances

:) x

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19 thoughts on “Youtube Video: Favourite Tuberose Fragrances

  1. lucasai says:

    Nice video Freddie! I’m not a tuberose fan but I like my sample of Tubereuse 3 Animale I got in my lovely samples set.

    And let me say it again: love your hair!

    • Haha – my hair looks a bit like a mushroom in this video :( but there we go.
      Thanks!! Yes Tubereuse 3 is a nice fragrance that is a shock when you first tried it, then subdued and refined the second. Still, I’d like a little bottle of it :)
      Thanks for watching Lucas

      • lucasai says:

        By little bottle you mean the half cut 60ml or 12ml travel size?
        I don’t think your hair looks like a mushroom

      • No it’d have to be the 60ml haha. I’m not into travel sizes – I still hate looking at my miniature 10ml bottles from the Von Eusersdorff line amongst my larger bottles but there we go :P I’ll get over it. I like the half cut bottles a lot, I neeeed one D:

      • lucasai says:

        Yes, they’re nice. In the past I had a travel size of my favourite 1725 but I used it up. Fortunately before I drained it I got another decant to keep me going, next time I need to invest in the half cut or no cut 120ml bottle

  2. sinnerman01 says:

    Hey ! Great live post , I recently gave my partner HdP TA3 for his birthday and I tell you when ever he wears it he totally steals my perfume thunder ! Every one wants to know what it is as the sillage is unbeatable ! He loves being in the spot light and adores the attention !
    Loving your Blog , keep up the great work

    • Thanks man I appreciate that :D
      Aw what a wicked present and a great choice! Yes it does have a beautiful sillage off it – it has a classical vibe that I similarly came across in Intrigant Patchouli (one of my loves).
      Haha!! I bet – a constant battle for who wears the better perfume :P
      Thanks for watching!

  3. Melis says:

    Hey Freddie! Loved watching the video about my fave floral perfume-wise. I have a FB of TC and like yourself it is my first SL purchase. I really like perfumes that are “different” and perhaps a little challenging. I really think you need a bottle of BoL, your reaction to sniffing it made me smile. I really enjoy your enthusiasm :)

    • Haha!! I think I do too :’) I’m going to do my next video on the entire JAR lineup, because in the blogging world and on YouTube there is very little mention of them – so I’ll be sniffing and discussing them :) Bolt of Lightning is the most expensive in the house though – and also, it lasts the shortest on my skin at around 2 hours D: Whereas some of my other favourites in the line last for a good 8.
      Thanks for watching and commenting Melis! I’m glad you enjoyed it, and enjoy TC! It seems we have quite similar taste, would love to hear your thoughts on some of these :P

      • Melis says:

        Freddie, I do find we have quite similar taste in fragrance. I will be sure to throw some of these into the cart on my next sampling purchase. I have sampled Carnal Flower and it is a wonderful perfume. Where TC to me is a warm exhalation from a live bloom (despite the wintergreen opening), CF wears on my skin like a vase of fresh cut tuberose stems in a florist’s cooler. A green, cool tuberose with a hint of aquatic. Whereas I will wear TC anytime and anywhere, I have to be in a certain mood to wear CF.

  4. Great video review! Tubereuse Criminelle is one of my favorite Serge Lutens. I was a little repulsed by it at first, but it really does smell much better on skin and over time!

    And I agree with Lucasai: your hair does NOT look like a mushroom!

    • :’) Thanks haha.
      Yay more love for TC – I just loved it from the get go – it’s a beauty! Have you tried anything else I spoke about?
      Not sure what to do the next vid on – I’m thinking aldehydes or amber… hmmm :)

      • Yes, Carnal Flower is one of my favorites. Haven’t tried anything from JAR though because I’m scared of the price!

        But I’ve been singing the Amouage Attar gospel, so maybe I should just bite the bullet :-)

        Aldehydes might be fun!

      • Oh god yes I forgot about that… well, at least you get more juice with the JARs. They are definitely worthy sniffs – and I think I need to pick up Jarling in Paris at the end of the year… D: !! It’s just too darn good.

      • So much to smell! Will get around to it before the holidays, I’m sure :-)

        Jarling is just too darling of a name, isn’t it? At first I thought the name would annoy me, but it really doesn’t!

      • Haha! Same here – it’s so corny I love it. The scent is far from “darling” though :’)
        I’m definitely going to do a video giving an overview of all the JAR fragrances though – might do that next actually, they’re fascinating :)

      • Oh that sounds like fun! Yes! I need a JAR shortlist!

  5. Jenson says:

    I’m constantly reminded how amazingly informative your vids are. Thanks and don’t ever stop!

    • That’s very kind thank you :D I really need to do another one soon! I’m just sooooo busy at the minute :( I’ll be sure to put aside some time over the next week to make a new one :)

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