XXY – Xerjoff

Xerjoff is a line I’ve never really explored – terribly, that’s mainly do to affordability. I used to have the mentality that if I can’t afford it – I won’t try it. It’s fair enough really, what if I love it? I’m doing the same thing with the JAR fragrances, and to a certain extent, the Amouages. Anyway, someone sent me a random sample of this so, it’s my first proper look into a Xerjoff fragrance.

A gleaming citrus opening of delicious madarines, bergamot and a crack of black pepper open XXY. It’s mouth-wateringly rich with indolic wafts of jasmine billowing up from underneath.
The pepper gets a little sharper as the citrus settles, and whilst the almost generic citrus/pepper combo isn’t really to my taste, it’s very nicely balanced.

XXY goes from being a loud citrus to relatively tame very quickly – within five minutes on the skin, all sharp edges have been rounded by a subtle jasmine and iris, with a quiet peach note acting almost as a soft musk. The citrus disappears, leaving a peppery uninteresting floral and a pretty unappetizing fruit note.

Some patchouli makes a fleeting appearance, popping up here and there, adding nothing but a bit of depth to XXY. The heart remains relatively linear, very gradually allowing a delicate sandalwood to come forward whilst anything that was of interest in the core of the fragrance, flattens into a dull whisper.

Amber rounds out what didn’t need to be rounded any more – slightly resinous, de-sweetened and thin. The predictable woody/amber drydown following the predictable (but pleasant) citrus/pepper opening, results in XXY having little personality. Ylang ylang is listed, but it is clearly dealt with a very light hand, I find it virtually undetectable in the five-minute long floral heart – nothing rich, tropical or appetizing (and I’m a big fan of the flower).
I’m trying to bulk out this review so, I’ll stop straining. All in all, nothing of interest – and for the money, it is quite unbelievable that something so simple can be spurted out for a fortune with such little imagination and poor in-depth execution. Ahh well! :)

XXY 100ml Xerjoff – $705 Luckyscent

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11 thoughts on “XXY – Xerjoff

  1. For $700 for 100ml, I expect fairy dust to come out with the fragrance. I have wanted to test the Xerjoff line…but your review will make me pass for now.

  2. How much they are asking is just unbelievable. And the name is just terribly insensitive.

    I do applaud your noble efforts to give a good review! It’s such a shame you didn’t have more to work with, but I think you did a great job with what you had!

    • That’s kind thanks – I felt it was being dragged out a bit!
      But yes I see exactly what you mean, uneasy name choice, and obscenely expensive. I’d be more than happy to try something this price if it was the best thing I’d ever smelt! Ah well, maybe something else from the line may fill that gap.

      • I agree. For lines like Amouage, I think the cost and the quality of the fragrance is a good fit. In this case, you kind of have to wonder . . .

        I look forward to reading more as you explore the line!

      • Yep Amouage is another line I need to thoroughly explore – I have only gave their fragrances passing sniffs, having worn only Gold Man, Interlude Man and Jubilation 25 on skin – haven’t enjoyed any. I can appreciate them, but the style isn’t to my taste. Ahh well, hopefully I’ll make a 180 soon :)
        Thanks for reading!

  3. Being a biologist I can only smile with this. Haven’t they googled “XXY” to see what it refers to? It is a genetic condition in which a male instead of having one X and one Y chromosome they have two X and one Y. It is known as Klinefelter syndrome and I really cannot think what else the name could refer to. I suppose if you are in for a quick kill you have no time to research your creative department but I suppose you could pay a little more for someone with a little broader encyclopaedic knowledge

    • Exactly – it’s ridiculous isn’t it :’) Like something I’d expect form ELdO!

      • Maybe they are just being politically correct in which case we should expect to see perfumes named after other major genetic anomalies. At the rate they are issuing new perfumes they will need the names

      • Haha, yeh maybe they’ll branch out into more conditions for sales – Xerjoff MECP2 :’)
        This is true, you would’ve though they’d have learnt from Bond and Montale but instead they keep up.

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