Maturity in Fragrance and Language

I never really think about some of my reviews once I’ve written them; I forget that my use of language and my nose has evolved (and improved).
Recently, I decided to re-read some of my older posts and was shocked at the difference.

My posts about Vero, Aftelier and my recent Tauer write-up, was so much fun for me, and I felt that I was really able to put my language and thoughts to use, and trust my nose entirely. As a result of that, I feel like I wrote some great essays and said exactly what I wanted to.

So back to my old write-ups (some of them being on fragrances I absolutely adore), I noticed amateurish descriptions, incorrect facts, and a blunt-ness that is so intent on picking out notes and less about the feel and emotion. As poncy as it sounds to encourage these aspects, it is what I believe I’ve began to flourish at, and my perfume interest has become even more passionate than before. Where then I was intent on discovering notes and their scent, now I’m discovering how brilliantly these ingredients can be put to use.

I’m beginning the long process of re-writing/updating the reviews from my first few months of blogging. And I have begun with Iris Silver Mist. I have completely rewritten this review (re-sampling at the same time of course) and I am much, much happier with it. I couldn’t believe what I wrote about it last time – it just didn’t justify this fragrance at all. I don’t think that it is the most important review, but re-reading it was the most obvious literary image of my immaturity I found immediately. So, I hope you’ll read this re-write and agree that it was a good thing to do, and gradually this blog will be re-worked until it’s much more consistent.

This isn’t something I planned when I started, but they don’t represent me any more. I also forget that most of my readers aren’t regular, and will instead stumble upon a review from a Google search – in which case the one review they come to is their immediate impression of my style, and if these are outdated and inaccurate, then I won’t get any appreciation in my time and passion. It’s not that this is just for others, but it is a great thing to do for myself and is now helping me to visibly see the evolution in my work, and keep me passionate about writing – and sniffing!

So, I hope you guys are enjoying my recent posting as much as I am, and there are as always – many more exciting discoveries still to come!

Thank you :)

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10 thoughts on “Maturity in Fragrance and Language

  1. Brilliant. I still think my comments and blogs have not evolved, but maybe I need to do as you have done and do a revisit. I know that my early review of Garner Barcelona D600 is horrific, although I love the fragrance, I wasn’t able to articulate it (and I still seem to have that problem 1/2 the time). Keep on truckin my friend, I love your reviews and your passion.

    • You don’t realise you need it until you go back and read it again! Couldn’t believe the different, was painful knowing that others have read it haha.
      That’s exactly it though it can be so hard to describe a fragrance you love, and considering I love doing initial impressions – my written essay is normal a fraction of the reality.
      I really appreciate that Steve :D Thanks so much for reading. I feel like we’re little buddies in the fragrance blogging world :’) started around the same sort of time ey.
      Glad you still keep in touch.

  2. As someone who started a blog less than 6 months ago, I totally know what you mean! I don’t really do reviews to the depth that you do, yet even I have seen how sophisticated you’ve become. My blog has also become more focused, and the writing much tighter. Carry on, my fellow blogger. You are doing a great job!

    • That’s very kind thanks.
      Well, the intensity that has come from many of yours have forced me to go out and sample. You’ve pushed me to sample numerous things – like some of the CB’s I didn’t give a chance to first time round, and Malle’s :P Love your in depth wiritings madperfumistaaaaa :)

  3. Undina says:

    Freddie, you start re-writing your posts from two months ago? Is that all it took for your maturity? Maybe you should wait another two (or dare I say three) month? Just imagine where you will be by then! ;)

    • Ahh glorious sarcasm.
      The thing is: If you took up the hobby of writing essays on famous novelists, and only a few months into your hobby – you read Shakespeare’s King Lear and wrote about it. Deciding to read more Shakespeare and write about him every day for two solid months – you think your King Lear essay might not be so good? It’s amazing how much you learn from a day-to-day, and writing about it almost turns it into self study. Yes I’m sure two months sounds pathetic, but without some of the outstanding things I’ve tried and just about managed to understand recently, I think it’s only fair that my other favourites match.
      If it keeps getting outdated – I’ll keep updating.

      • Undina says:

        I wasn’t too serious and definitely do not want to discourage you. It is important to do justice to things you like.

        I’ll go and read your re-written Iris Silver Mist review since I’ve just recently tried it for the first time so it will be interesting to compare how we smell the same perfume.

      • I think considering I described the opening originally as smelling like “A lovely white iris”…. pretty much sums up how little I knew then :’)

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