Vero Profumo – Kiki EDP, Kiki Parfum

Hello everyone. Sorry for the long break in posting yet again, my regularity will return over the next week and I have lots planned to write about.
I decided to return back to my Vero Profumo sample pack  (thanks again to Campomarzio70) as I feel that if I don’t review them now, I will use up all my samples and have nothing as immediate reference to review them!

After my hugely successful encounter with Onda, in both EDP and Parfum form, I decided it was time to write about Kiki. I have lived with Kiki and Rubj a little longer than I did with Onda – I was too keen to try it there and then! These are still semi-initial reviews, and I’m just gonna get straight on with them :)…

Kiki Eau De Parfum opens at once sparkling, fresh, soapy, clean with a tart aldehydic citrus, Vero’s passion fruit signature much more up front and appealing.  The acidic fruit salad is gorgeously inviting, not in the least bit a “tired citrus opening”, it has the same captivating citrus fruit kick as Tauer’s Orange Star which I am head over heels for.

The citrus allows a little hole to peak through, where the leading lavender comes into play. It starts out with its almost medicated/camphorous type of scent pushing forward, but quickly cools down into a calming breeze. Similarly to Lutens’ Gris Clair, the lavender almost takes on its own density, bringing out this unknown creaminess to the flower, which here is supported by some caramel. The smooth sweetness never becomes sticky and immature, but doesn’t become obnoxious with a burnt, de-sweetened aspect: instead it works with the lavender and citrus to turn down the pungency and up the solid density of the natural scents.

A musky/patchouli base which only becomes apparent a fair while later, gives stability, without pushing aside the citrus and lavender. Instead, the lavender and citrus morph into an almost soapy, yet again, disinfectant like scent, similar to Onda but without the dirtiness underneath. I don’t mean the term “disinfectant” in a bad way, although really it should, instead it smells familiar and somehow comfortable – undoubtably clean and slightly industrial. This trait seems to be a thread throughout the Vero EDP’s and my only guess is that it comes from the passion fruit.

Kiki is bright, delicious but completely inedible, and really playful. It is extremely mature despite the mention of sparkling citrus and caramel – Vero’s magic touch makes this almost industrial, almost avante garde, yet extremely classy. Great fun :)

Kiki Parfum opens with the same citrus burst although I detect a lovely green blast of lime in there. Without the sparkling, soapy aldehydic opening of the EDP, the citrus falls instantly to the depth of the notes, and the lavender quickly merges to the foreground. Yet again, here the brighter, sharp herbal aspects of the lavender are gone, and the creamy, almost moist density comes forth. Similarly again to Gris Clair only here even more so, the almost ashy quality of lavender scatters in the foreground with a much less playful approach.

Unlike Gris Clair with its vanillic, burnt wood base, here there is the caramel from the EDP – thick, syrupy and a little more prominent. It provides a lovely rich sweetness to it again, without being candy coloured and immature – instead a fresh almost fudgey quality provides a thick richness to the lavender, without any forced lactonic creamy notes.

The Kiki Parfum has a tropical vibe, but more in the feel of L’Artisan Parfumeur’s Batucada, than Les Nez’s Manoumalia. What I mean is, it has this tropical feel of a crushed lime and sugar accord, and maybe it does, but unlike the almost sad attempt of Batucada, here the lavender, rich caramel and musk, turn this into something much more complete and enjoyable. Kiki Parfum is Gris Clair on holiday with a Caipirinha.

Comparing this now to the EDP, similarly to Onda’s, it is much brighter, with that industrial passionfruit forceful up top, whereas the Parfum retains it’s depth and has much greater substance and identity, yet both remain together through the similar threads presented differently.

All in all, another absolutely wonderful fragrance duo. I love this recognizable Vero signature which I imagine will definitely not be to everyone’s taste. The EDP’s are always utterly captivating and so far – “fresh” in the best possible use of the word, whilst the extraits are a much more obvious portrayal of the named fragrance’s identity, hand in hand they go absolutely perfectly together and neither one is better than the other.

Yet again I feel late to the party, but Vero Profumo is an extremely exciting brand, and right up my alley. Classic and charming, but playful with an unintentional sense of humour. I love these :)

Vero Profumo Kiki EDP 50ml – $165 Luckyscent
Vero Profumo Kiki Parfum 7.5ml – $185 Luckyscent

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