L’Air Du Desert Marocain – Tauer

Being on a roll with some classic fragrances, I thought I’d throw in LADDM, or, L’Air Du Desert Marocain by the insanely talented Andy Tauer.
How to I even being to describe this scent?

L’Air Du Desert Marocain opens with the scalding scent of tar, but it’s not unpleasant at all. Instead this thick black intensity becomes filled with lush spices, sharp dry incense and “Tauer-ade”.
After just a couple of minutes once you’ve attempted to get your head around the hot, desert air opening (very original I know…), a warm amber softens the composition to something much more bearable.

So, you have the lush Tauer spices of cumin, some pepper and some other kitchen spices I can’t quite pick out… there’s a hot dry incense, a thick tar like note, some amber that is both crumbly and resinous yet slightly creamy and skin like, followed by some deep earthy vetiver. It is everything all at once, and utterly transcendent.
LADDM transports you to an utterly calm place in your mind. It is relaxing, spatial, meditative and warming.

How do I know what the air in Morocco smells like? – LADDM reminds me of bonfires, camping, late summer nights, holidays, sunshine, college and my school friends, fireworks, the beach… it just makes me feel great, it smells… great. But then again, so do a lot of Tauer’s. I find his fragrances absolutely transporting and captivating. I cannot smell one without feeling flooded with thoughts, images and my imagination runs wild.

I think Luca Turin described Incense Rose as “…So warm, so welcoming, you feel as if you’ve just heard a piece of good news you cannot quite remember.”. It describes Incense Rose, L’Air Du Desert Marocain, Orange Star and Lonestar Memories all perfectly, probably along with numerous other Tauer’s which I haven’t even sniffed yet. I don’t think I can top that quote.

Back to the scent though. It remains relatively linear, the tar burns off greatly and leaves the dry heat of the incense, amber, vetiver and spices filling the air around you throughout its life. The fragrance I think is pretty much indescribable in the sense that no review you can read can quite create the picture in your head that LADDM does, you just have to sniff it. That’s why this review is much more descriptive visually than literally.

If you are reading reviews of this and haven’t tried this fragrance yet, stop reading, just try it. Don’t go in with the greatest expectations but just smell it for what it is, it’s very rarely an instant love and you instead come to appreciate it over time.
The only reason I don’t own a bottle is for this reason, it takes time to truly love. For me, most Tauer’s are like this, but L’Air Du Desert Marocain has taken the longest to become attached to. Also, I just cannot decide which one I want to own first! Andy Tauer is an exceptional perfumeur and in my opinion extremely underrated.
Everyone knows this is his signature fragrance, and whilst reading about it on forums and such can often become tiring, just sniffing it once again reminds you why.
It is a complete masterpiece.

L’Air Du Desert Marocain Tauer 50ml EDT Intense – 79.70 Euros www.tauerperfumes.com

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2 thoughts on “L’Air Du Desert Marocain – Tauer

  1. I fell in immediate love with this one and drained two samples, but the weird thing is I recently tried it again and was put-off by it. Weird, huh? I’m pushing the purchase back while I check out another sample and see if the original love comes back.

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