Red Aoud – Montale

I’ve been intrigued recently about the mix of oud with gourmand notes. So I decided to give Red Aoud – another random colour/descriptive word/rose anatomy and oud combo- by Montale a shot! I’d read this was their gourmand meets oud offering and people seem to like it…

Red Aoud opens with the smell of pepper – as in, red bell pepper… and biscuits, if I need to be more specific, amaretto biscuits. It’s…interesting, and I actually kind of like this bit. The bell pepper smell disappears relatively quickly (thankfully) but it leaves behind a spicy stain.

I also smell some peppery rose, although it’s pretty well hidden. Instantly, kind of out of nowhere, comes a big dusty saffron blast which pretty  much takes centre stage from here on. If all of this sounds like too much, you’re right, it is. Just like Sex Panther, this stuff stingsss the nostrils.
The feel from here on is a dusty saffron, some spicy Montale rose, the faintest…faintest dribble of oud, and some bizarre spicy biscuit smell which all together melds into a cocoa kind of smell… It leaves my confused face frowning like reading this most likely does.

Red Aoud smells more like a candle than a personal fragrance. I really couldn’t imagine wanted to smell like this. The blend is so overwhelming it almost reminds me of a headshop – it smells very hippyish, but not in the typically patchouli/joss stick kind of way. You’ll have to smell it to realize what I’m talking about.
The oud is only just about there, so, it’s not an oud soliflore that’s for sure, but then again thankfully it’s not another failure of a rose/oud combo belched up with a new name.

It is interesting, I will give it that. Unfortunately though, it doesn’t smell good, and that’s the main thing.
The bizarre thing is, I actually really don’t think I’m exaggerating, it just sounds like I am, and I’m finding myself re-reading what I’ve written to try to tone done the complicated mess of description.
So I’ll sum up with my usual:

All in all, a bell pepper stained biscuit clouded by a bundle of dusty saffron, a traditional rose and some gluey oud blended together to create a hippy lover’s cocoa…

Red Aoud Montale 50ml EDP – $110 Luckyscent

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3 thoughts on “Red Aoud – Montale

  1. Your wrap up statement is fantastic! I have not tried this scent and I probably will no time soon based on your review.

    • Haha! It is something that is worth a sniff, just for the novelty factor.
      But who knows, you may like it! Lots of people seem to…
      For me though, it’s a no go, whilst I like contrasting smells and challenging mixes, this did exactly that but on all wrong levels.
      If you just sniff it quick, you could say “Ah yes, cocoa and biscuits… very cool” but break it down, and you’re overwhelmed with things that just don’t work!

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