Tauer – Orange Star & Incense Rose

I absolutely adore both of these fragrances, and in fact, I love most of Tauer’s line (from what I’ve tried anyway). The only reason I do not own a full bottle yet is I simply can’t make up my mind as to what I want first!

I’ll start with Orange Star.
I am not into citrus fruits in fragrances, at all. I read somewhere that this was a citrus for people who don’t like citrus, and the combination between the juicy clementines and incense and amber etc. sounded fantastic.

Orange Star opens with an unbelievably juicy clementine and mandarine, but it doesn’t come across as edible at all. It’s very hard to describe. It is completely mouthwatering! It smells clean, but not “fresh” clean like most citrus scents. It is deep, almost resinous, and reminds me more of a marmalade than a fresh fruit. Although it is not listed in the notes, I am sure I can smell cardamon in there as well as some beautiful sticky vanilla bean, but the vanilla bean is minimal and exceptionally blended and gives me of a texture and sweetness rather than a vanilla extract scent.

After some minutes the patchouli starts to creep in, it is very green, and works beautifully with the tart oranges. On first application, this stage of the fragrance reminded me of Gorilla Perfumes’ Karma fragrance, only this is of absolutely exceptional quality and has far more depth.
The sweetness begins to smell quite honeyed, reminding me again of the tart marmalade in the opening. The patchouli, ambergris and rich honeyed clementines and mandarins swirl around each other in absolute perfect balance all the way through the heart. A slightly soapy note joins in, but it is not unpleasant at all, it works just to keep the incense, patchouli and amber more on the clean side.

The fragrance in the later drydown loses its tartness but stays completely rich and full of life and character.
Really, really wonderful!!

Incense Rose somehow also opens mouthwatering, despite their being nothing edible in it at all. It is tart, rich, and absolutely sparkling. A jammy rose is buried deep amongst some beautiful burning frankincense and cedar wood, and lovely and bright at top is a similar juicy bergamot and clementine. The wood is resinous and soaked in the rose and smoke. Yet again, the rose manages to remain clean amongst all the darkness – and that’s exactly what this fragrance is – dark. It opens bright and sparkling and quickly descends into a spiral of black smoke, rich spicy incense, ambergris and woods with occasional dazzling sparks of bright red bursting from the base.

Patchouli is in there too keeping the fragrance fresh, green, but slightly earthy. At the base is the “Tauerade” combination of ambergris and vanilla and anyone who has sniffed L’Air du Desert Marocain will recognise it at the base of this fragrance, and Orange Star at that. The “Tauerade” is absolutely beautiful, dry, incensey and airy. It literally floats around you like a meditative cloud.

Both Orange Star and Incense Rose have incredible longevity and sillage, I’m blown away by the quality of these and the strong effect they have on me. I would highly recommend both of them to anyone, and I think they are fantastic value for money as a bottle would last me years and years.

Well done Andy Tauer, you are my favourite perfumeur to date.

Tauer Incense Rose & Orange Star 50ml EDP – Euro 85.50 RRP
(The cheapest price I have found for these online is the official tauerperfumes.com site!)

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7 thoughts on “Tauer – Orange Star & Incense Rose

  1. malsnano86 says:

    What I find interesting about Andy’s scents is how polarizing they are – very few people test them and say, “Eh. Boring. Smelled it before.” My own reactions tend to swing wildly between “Wow, that’s great!” and “Oh no gedditoffme NOW.” The TAuers either work for me, or they don’t work at all.

    Orange Star was an OHNO. And Incense Rose – though I do enjoy the other rose-heavy scents (Une Rose Chypree, Une Rose Vermeille, Le Maroc pour elle) – was a Big Fat OHNO. I’m still not sure exactly why, but I found it extremely irritating (in an emotional sense, not a physical one).

    ‘Sokay, there are plenty other Tauers to love.

  2. That’s so interesting that you don’t enjoy either of them! So far, they are my favourite from the line!
    I recently tried Eau D’Epices which I will post on here at some point when I feel confident enough to attempt to break it down.
    I loved the opening, but then a very strange herbal note comes in that’s very savoury and “unfragrant”. I’ve tried to get past this but struggled.
    I’ve ordered a sample of Une Rose Chypree and look forward to trying that one, I’ve heard Vermeille is very sweet and maybe not to my taste and haven’t read much about Le Maroc. I’ll look into them more after your reccomendation, thank you!

    • malsnano86 says:

      Oh, now, I liked Eau d’Epices. It felt to me like the part of Orange Star that wasn’t trying to kill me.

      URC I think is plenty wearable for guys – but you do not strike me as a fan of URV. It’s so desserty. Genius, but total dessert sprinkled with rose petals.

      • I actually just sampled Une Rose Chypree tonight for the first time.
        It reminded me of Eau d’Epices as there’s a savoury note I just don’t like and I’ve figured it’s the “bay”.
        I won’t make my mind up too soon though, there’s a lot of facets of this perfume I’ve haven’t got my head round yet so will give it more wearings.

  3. I adore Orange Star, it’s just so weird for a citrus fragrance. Only Andy could take zesty orange, incense, vanilla and sour milk and make it work. He’s a true genius.

    I love that you get Marmalade in OS, I hadn’t seen the link, but now you mention it I totally get it.

    • Yeh I think marmalade is the only citrus thing I could compare this too.
      It’s nice to see another person fond of this, many people dismiss this one so quickly. I love how completely full his fragrances are, there is literally nothing missing in them and they feel so full I just can’t inhale the smells quick enough!

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